Zep Dragon

There is this sculpture of a dragon, across the street from my office. He’s clutching a golden orb in one claw, his mouth agape.


Every time I see it, I hear Robert Plant’s plaintive cry from Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”.

I made a website, well really, a web page to show you all what I mean. You can find it here: http://www.aaaeeeaaa-aaa.com.

I really hope Mr. Plant and Mr. Page take this as a compliment, and don’t sue me for every meager penny I have.

A Pine Box


I mentioned a few posts ago that I took a woodworking course in February. Here are a few photos of the project I built in class – a blanket box made of pine.


I developed a new respect for tablesaws in this class. We did bevels, rabbet and dado joins with them.


We started from raw lumber, laminating boards to make the top, bottom and sides. Plenty of thickness planing and sanding – but it wasn’t so bad – we used machine tools for nearly all of it. When I took my guitar making course, years ago, it was mostly with hand tools.


The course I took was Woodworking level 1 at Camosun College with Russ Franson. It was a great course. Russ mentioned that woodworking had been in his family for as many generations as he knew.

He mentioned that he learned many of these skills from his great-grandfather, who had a shop where he built coffins.

When he mentioned that, I think I knew where he got the idea for the project he had us all build, but I think I’m still calling mine a blanket box.