We’re expecting a new baby! May 2012

Yes it’s big news!

Julie is roughly 14 weeks into this pregnancy and we will be expecting a new baby sometime in May 2012.

So far everything is going along well. Julie’s been tired and nauseated which we’ve been accepting as good news. This is easier news for me to accept as good than Julie.

We told Coop last week and he’s been taking it well. He hasn’t grasped the full profundity of the situation, but slowly it is sinking in. I did lots of Internet research on how to tell him about his new baby sister or brother, but when we told him his only reaction was to ask, “Okay, now can I watch the Backyardigans?”. Fair enough.

With Julie’s recent narcoleptic tendencies and new full time employment, life’s been a little hectic in our world lately. It’s been a crazy time.

I’ve been doing my best to enjoy the slow parts of my day where I can find them. I know that when this kiddo arrives, these days will seem like a pretty easy time in contrast, what with all the sleeping and the conspicuous absence of diapers.

We’re excited and eager to meet the new baby, and I’m pleased to be telling the world the big news!

Migrated to WordPress

I just installed WordPress on my server; it’s time. I’ve been developing with WordPress for a while now in my professional life and it’s now my tool of choice for creating websites.

I wouldn’t call this a site redesign; I am still using the default template that installs with WordPress, but I’m already finding writing a blog entry easier, so hopefully this will be an improvement that will result in more blog writing.

You can still find all the older entries here: http://mikelathrop.com/oldblog.