Gratitude day 43

I am grateful for really, really, good pizza like the kind you can get at Pizzeria Prima Strada. The pancetta one with added mushrooms is cussing amazeballs.

I am grateful for superhero style mother-in-law visitation. I going to be away working for a few days, having my mother in law here is going to make everything a lot easier for everyone, particularly Julie, who is working for a living too and would otherwise also be solo parenting alone.

I am grateful for Twitter Bootstrap. If you are a web developer like me, you already know what I am talking about and I know you dig it, too. If you are not, you can ignore this paragraph completely, but rest assured, I bet your life was made easier at some point today if you used the internet because of Twitter Bootstrap.

Gratitude day 41


I am grateful for the trees in the backyard, and elsewhere in my neighbourhood out my back window. They are pretty, especially in the light of the late day when the sun just starts thinking about sinking below the horizon for the night

I am grateful for the internet, and this blog in particular. I can do
whatever I please here, like this whole gratitude exercise. Originally I was thinking I’d do it for 40 days, but here I am on day 41. Not quite ready to stop yet.

I am grateful for a fairly low key weekend with my family. I’ve been trying to stay off of my injured leg, and it’s been mending. It’s been nice to take it easy and just hang out with the 3 dearest people in my world. On that note, I am also (as always) grateful for my spouse, who has been understanding about my desire to lie around, off my feet, particularly when kids need to get ready for bed.

Gratitude day 40


I am grateful for the nap I had with Farley today. He’s still a fairly avid napper, but he won’t be forever. Best to drink these kids in while one can, and I did today, and it was nice.

I am grateful for leftovers. It made dinner easy; otherwise, we we’re beat. I think it would have been hard.

I am grateful for my big boy’s understanding and gracious response upon learning that my little boy knocked over his plastic beadwork project, thereby destroying dozens of minutes of work. Cooper was upset, but he didn’t freak out at Farley too bad upon hearing the news.

Gratitude day 39


I am grateful for a family style Friday night play date for our kids, complete with pizza, wine and beer for grownups, and great friends old and new.

I am grateful for the time I had at my old office. I packed it up last night after working there for the last day. It was a great spot, and man, I am going to miss that view!

I am grateful I don’t have to move my own office stuff for the impending office move. We had movers booked, at the last second, they bailed, now we have another crew booked instead. With my leg out of order, I am REALLY glad that worked out!

Gratitude day 38

I am grateful for our slow cooker. The lentil soup I made that was ready when we opened the door and came home was easy, cheap, and good. Often you get two of those things, rarely three.

I am grateful for my spouse. My office is moving so I had to go back in to pack up tonight, which meant she was on her own to put the kids down. No easy feat.

I am grateful for the developer community on the interwebs. So many people, developing so much free, open source software. It’s truly inspiring. I wonder if we, as a society, might use that model in other industries someday.

Gratitude day 37

So many things to be grateful for, but top of my list today is the first day of kindergarten.

I am also grateful for the celebratory post-first-day-of-kindergarten feast at the White Spot, in which the boys finished it all off with chocolate sundaes.

And lastly, I am grateful for puddles. I am not a fan of the rain, but 2 year olds in puddles are a nice silver lining.

Gratitude day 36

I am grateful for my folks again. While Julie and I were at work, they came to our house, tidied stuff up, and prepared dinner. So nice!

I am grateful my knee is continuing to get better. So much so it’s not really the knee anymore, just the pulled quadricep it is attached to.

I am grateful for kindergarten starting tomorrow. This last while has been tough on Coop, he’s had to start at new schools more than any kid should in just a few short months. This week will be a bit tipsy turvy, but starting next week we should be into a regular routine! and that will be great for everybody.

Gratitude day 35


I am grateful for Vancouver island, just the way it is. My brother sent me this link, which has some interesting ideas about linking the island to the mainland with a bridge or tunnel. Reading it made me realize that my gut response to that notion would be that I’d prefer the existing ferry system. Not sure why that is, but it’s good to find you are happy with what you’ve got.


I am grateful for my folks, and my biggest, Coop, who by all accounts had a great day traipsing around town today.

I am grateful for a quiet day at the office. I ploughed through a fair amount of work, and me knee and brain found it to be a restorative experience after a busy weekend.

Gratitude day 34

I am grateful for Farley’s ladybug costume from last Halloween. He loves it, and often requests to wear it to sleep in at night, which means we got this little nugget of solid video gold this morning. As he slumbers as I write this, he’s a ladybug.

I am grateful that I think my knee is getting better, or at least it’s not getting worse.

I am grateful for taco night, which is always a fiesta at our house, but even more so with my mom and dad and a few other family friends over. Julie made pico de gallo. there was cake. NOM NOM NOM!