Gratitude day 72




I am grateful for the baby dump truck and the mama dump truck, as described to me by Farley this morning.

I am grateful for big kids using real knives and hand drills to carve pumpkins. Added bonus: no personal injury!

I am grateful for more ditch digging. Who knew digging dirt was such fun! Perhaps it wouldn’t be if I HAD to do it, for more than an hour here and there…

Gratitude day 71

Today I am grateful for a few extra hours to get stuff done at the office, in which time I actually did get stuff done. A few sites I’ve programmed have recently launched. Wanna check them out? Sure you do! Oculus Design and International Water Guard.

I’m grateful I got home in time to see the boys before bed. It just doesn’t feel right when I don’t.

I am grateful for this world of possibilities. I watched a TED talk recently given by Anthony Robbins (of all people) that resonated with me. He talked about the human need for certainty. We need to know where our next meal is coming from, we need to know we’ll have a roof over our heads. But he also said if we had nothing but certainty, we’d get bored. Which is why we also have a need for uncertainty. Go figure, but it’s true. I do like living in this world where I am fairly certain everything is going to be alright, but also where anything is possible, and anything might happen next.

Gratitude day 70




I am grateful for matching Christmas Jammie’s on my boys. I know it’s early. So what! Look at them! THEY ARE ELVES! And that’s awesome.

I am grateful for more reno progress. Where once there was a planter, there is now a quarter of a planter and space for a doorway. How about that.

I am grateful that I think I’ve processed my way through the whole Ghomeshi thing. That news story was taking up far too much of my brain space for longer than it should have. Moving on…

Gratitude day 69

Today I am grateful for Farley, in his firefighter helmet, running around the house screaming “WEE-OOO-WEE-OOO-WEE-OOO!”

I am grateful for the quiet murmur in my office. TGIM.

I am grateful for progress on the reno. Small steps thus far, but it’s great to see things starting to happen.

On Jian

I am just going to state for the record here, that the truth is I know jack shit about the particulars of what’s happening with Jian Ghomeshi. Earlier, on Facebook, I posted “Hang in there, Jian”, but cripes, I have no idea whether he is worthy of my support or not, and as the day wanes on so does my support for Mr. Ghomeshi. I’m pretty sure my support doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things, anyway. Either he’s the victim of an awful smear campaign, or he’s used his position of authority to commit violent sexual assault. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in-between. For now, I guess we just can’t know for certain. Maybe we never will.

I’ll tell you this though, I can’t get this whole Jian Ghomeshi thing out of my head, and I think it’s because after last week’s attacks on Ottawa, and after nearly a decade of a general feeling of disenfranchisement with our federal government, after going from a nation of “peacekeepers” to “peacemakers”, Jian getting canned from the CBC was the last thing any remaining sense of my Canadian identity needed. If this keeps up, I might have to start following hockey, and that’s never come easily to me.

I am reminded of a contest Peter Gzowski held a long time ago. Gzowski was another beloved Canadian radio host who formerly held Jian Ghomeshi’s time slot for many years. The object of the contest was to fill in the blank: “As Canadian as _____”, in an effort come up with a similar phrase to “As American as apple pie.”

In the end, the winner of the contest, hands down, was “As Canadian as possible under the circumstances”. For now, that’s the best description of how I feel about my country. Canada, I still stand on guard for thee, but it’s not as easy as I remember it used to be.

Gratitude day 68

I am grateful for honest work. One of the things I am qualified to do to help the trades with our renovation project is to dig a ditch from the house to the water meter, 30 feet or so long, 1 foot wide and 2 feet deep. I think ditch digging with a shovel might lose it’s lustre if it were my 9-5 job, but for an hour or two on the weekend or the odd weekend, it’s kinda fun. It’s not like it cuts into my time at the gym.

I am grateful for the Royal BC Museum. It’s a great place for a kid to run around on a weekend, when the family has a pass. I remember doing the same at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary when I was a kid, it’s fun to see Coop and Farl get to know the Royal BC Museum in the same kind of way my brother and I found all the nooks and crannies at the Glenbow.

I am grateful that I can set the date an entry shows up in WordPress, so if I miss a day, I can just make an entry for yesterday, and if anyone’s the wiser, I don’t really mind anyway.

Gratitude day 67

Today, I am grateful for a fantastic time playing music and enjoying food and beverages with my pals Alex, Erik, Jonny and Judd at Jonny’s place on Pender Island. It was devine. Rock and roll! My drumsticks sublimated into the hammers of Thor. It was awesome

And I am grateful for crappy west-coast weather. It generally gets pretty morose around here, with the clouds and the rain, but a dramatic November windstorm makes me feel alive, especially when I am standing on the prow of one of the little gulf island ferries.

I am grateful for Julie, who made it all possible for me today. In fact, it was all a belated birthday present, and Julie kicked off all the organization. And, she was home solo parenting with the kids all day.

Gratitude day 65

I am grateful for great behaviour from Coop. We’ve got him in Beavers, which is fun, but it’s across town at 6pm, which makes for a time crunch as we need to fit some dinner in there, too. It went smoothly, and that’s good.

I am grateful for cars. I usually try to bike in at least one direction in my daily commute. With the Beavers and logistics being what they were, today I drove both. It was raining cats and dogs, and nice to be inside with a heater, defroster, and roof over my head.

I am grateful for quiet. Everyone else is asleep in the house as I write this. Hard to believe sometimes with a 2 and a 5 year old, that there is such a thing as quiet. One must enjoy it when one can.

Gratitude day 64

I am grateful for the box our new hot water tank came in.


I am grateful that I managed, just today, the day before workers come to start work, to get our basement devoid of stuff. When we moved in we had most of our stuff placed there, and having so much crap, we never figured we needed it enough to unpack it. One lesson learned that (hopefully) will no longer applicable to me: don’t hold on to stuff thinking someday you’ll have a house to put it in. If you are like me, you might spend decades squeezing those things into closets. You’ll move them from rented apartment to rented apartment. Perhaps you’ll even rent storage space for them. Then, you’ll get that house you always dreamed those things would belong in, only to find you stIll don’t want that crap. It’s been a liberating, but long and tedious journey to a clean basement over these last few weeks.

I am grateful for projects getting done and launched and off my radar. On to other things!