I am grateful for some interest in the suite. We’ve paraded a few people through.

I am grateful to the realtor who helped us buy this place, Paul Holland. When we asked him about a referral to someone to take some photos of the place, he said he’d have that done for us, gratis. And the photos look awesome.

I am grateful it’s bedtime. I’m tired.


i am grateful for a swim tonight with Julie and the boys. It was a hot one today, and fun was had in the pool.

I am grateful for the Galloping Goose bike trail. It’s a great way to get around, when it works for where one is going.


I am grateful for kids having tons of fun at a hotel pool, also for personal flotation devices.

I am grateful for weather that’s too hot. Every now and again I consider being ungrateful for that, but then I remember, I live in Canada.

I am grateful for life and work balance, I got a number of hours of both, today. Win-win!


I am grateful for some really nice colours in the sky, looking out my back door this evening.

I am grateful for a mighty productive work day. I am not grateful I was in the  office on a gorgeous day like today, while we have family in town who are all having fun without me. However, since that had to be the case, I am grateful that I at least got some cuss done.

I am grateful for Colleen, who said she didn’t need to be named here, but who showed my kids (and spouse) a great time today and deserves to be. No, thank YOU, Colleen!



I am grateful for family in town, and kids with cousins to play with.

I am grateful for my aunt in law, who likes this blog on Facebook pretty much every day.

I am grateful for an entire meal, including a whole dang sockeye salmon, that was prepared on the BBQ and consumed outside. Summer never seems to come soon enough nor last long enough; I am grateful that tonight we took the opportunity to enjoy it while we can!


I am grateful for a full day of chipping away at a project, quietly at my desk.

I am grateful for a whole bunch of great teachers and staff at Coop’s school and out of school care. He had a fantastic year, and today was his last day of kindergarten.

I am grateful for Vietnamese food for lunch today with Julie. This whole working within a few blocks of my spouse thing is great for that kind of thing.


I am grateful for Coop’s summer concert on this, his second last day of Kindrgarten. Know what’s awesome? Watching little kids belt it out. That’s what.

I am grateful  for dappled sun on the leaves outside my office window. Not an expansive majestic view by any stretch, but it radiates a calming energy.


I am grateful for opportunities to make things with my hands. I rebuilt this rock wall as part of our renovation. I don’t think it’s the best rock wall ever built; nor do I even particularly like rock walls, but it’s a thrill to Jump in to doing something where you go from never having done it to having done it. And it was rewarding to step back and admire it when I was done.

Similarly, I am grateful for the opportunity I took in the summer of 2001 to build a guitar at Timeless Instruments. I was playing that guitar today, as I have many, many other days since making it. I love how it feels and I love how it sounds, and I love remembering the great 7 weeks I spent 15 years ago in Tugaske, Saskatchewan building that thing from a stack of pieces of wood.


I am grateful for still more reno progress. We had someone come to clean the suite and make it presentable, for showings that are starting tomorrow. I think we must be nearly there.

I am grateful for my electric bike. Have I mentioned how awesome it is? It’s really quite awesome.

I am grateful for Thai food with Julie for lunch today.


I am grateful for my Father, and his father. I learned how to be a dad from my dad; he, in turn, followed my Grandad’s example. He added a bit and left some on the cutting room floor, as I do, too, but it’s nice to think of this sequence of fatherdom, and it’s a privilege to carry it forward; I have two sons who may be fathers themselves someday, after all.

I am grateful for my sons, they gave me some great Father’s Day loot (a painted mug already broken and glued back together, and cards they made at school). They play a pivotal role in this whole fatherhood thing for me.

I am grateful for my spouse. She also plays a pivotal role in this whole fatherhood thing, and is largely responsible for the mug.

I am grateful for a night away with said spouse, and for my in laws who made that possible. It was great to get away, and great to get home, too.