I am grateful for another boring worky day. I am grateful my next deadline is just barely far enough away that I can feel okay about relaxing a tiny bit for a small part of my day. I am grateful for some great time on the floor building lego robots and spaceship boats with my kiddos.


I am grateful for a nice boring day at my nice boring desk, warm and sunny with the garage door open, puzzling my way through code hoops while CBC muttered away quietly on the radio.

I am grateful we booked a babysitter tonight, and I got to spend some kid free time with my spouse while watching a  ridiculously stupid, but inevitably entertaining movie about an island theme park populated by hybrid genetically modified dinosaurs running amuck. So dumb, and so good. 


I am grateful for some cancelled plans that led to a fairly low key day in Calgary for my family.

I am grateful for a kid centred, teamless baseball game my dad engineered for us this morning. there were several outs, several runs and several strikes, but only one team, that neither lost nor won.

I am grateful My iPhone just auto-corrected the proper Canadian spelling of centred.

I am grateful for a successful trip home.

I am grateful for the super moon lunar eclipse. That was a cool sight to behold, from the beach, on the way home from the airport.

I am grateful to be sitting in my own living room, having just watched an hour of TV and consumed one of those large bottles of a locally brewed IPA, rendering me into a nice combination of buzzed and sleepy, and perhaps apparently, a bit oversharey.

I will soon be grateful to be sleeping in my own bed. Good night!



 I am grateful for some quality time making rainbow loom bracelets with Coop, who showed me how to do it on my fingers.

I am grateful for some kid free time in my folk’s house while they took the kids to the park.

I am grateful for the Blackfoot Truck Stop. It is less smoky than it was in the 80s, otherwise it’s exactly the same. I spent many happy hours there in my teens and early 20s; it was nice to spend another one or two in there today for lunch.

I am grateful for a great afternoon with my kids, their Calgary cousins, my sister in law, and Julie at Telus Spark, the science centre here in Calgary. So much fun stuff in there.

I am grateful for a fantastic event tonight, the celebration of my Grandmother’s 90th birthday. I counted 29 people there; most of us direct descendants. She and my Grandad are largely responsible for how my Dad parented me, and so also how I now parent Coop and Farley. 

I have a strong sense of family in my life, and she is someone I have to thank for that. I can’t think of anything that’s more important to me. I am grateful to feel I’ve got my priorities straight that way, and I’m grateful for her role in knowing that.

I am grateful for the gift my dad and his brothers put together for her, which was an endowment for the Home Bound Readers program she volunteered with for many years at the Calgary Public Library. She would often take care of me when I was a kid, and at least once I remember going with her as she did so, bringing books to the people on her list, and picking up the ones they’d read, but also coming in for a quick visit, sometimes a cup of tea. I think it was a service that provided a lot more than book delivery for both my grandma and those she served. I have many warm feelings for her; pride is one of them, and I’m also proud of my Parents, aunts, and uncles for honouring her in this way.


I am grateful for the excitement of my kids. Farley was about as happy as I’ve ever seen him when I came to pick him up at Daycare to head to the airport.

I am grateful for the small airport we have in Victoria. The uptightness level required for air travel there is very low compared to bigger cities.

I am grateful for great kid behaviour on the airplane. I was afraid when Coop exclaimed, “No TVs? What good is an airplane without TVs!”. I can think of one very particular and useful thing such an airplane could do, but I digress. Despite the lack of TVs, everyone’s behaviour was just fine.

I am grateful for a very warm and hospitable welcome to the home I was raised in from my folks. I try not to take that kind of thing for granted, but sometimes I do. That’s not a luxury all parents provide, but I am lucky that way.


I am grateful for a deadline met, and the first evening in a while where I am not at my desk programming until I can’t think anymore. Instead I am distractedly blogging while watching a cheezy (adjective) science fiction series on Netflix having recently consumed cheezies (plural noun).

I am grateful for Coop’s school. There was an open house there tonight. Coop, his buddies, and Farley were running around like they owned the place, which is as it should be.


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I am grateful for another productive day at work, although that’s getting a little monotonous.

I am grateful for a break in the monotony though, tonight I took the boys for another quick walk up the hill to Summit Park again, just like last night. It’s amazing what a difference 30 minutes can make.

I am grateful for a feeling today that everything is going to work out okay, on time and on budget on these projects I am working on. For the record, it’s very rare that I don’t manage that, but It can get overwhelming at times, and in this line of work, you rarely know exactly how everything will get accomplished when you start out. It’s nice to get to the point where you can see the path to completion, and I’m grateful for a glimpse of that today.


I am grateful for another mostly worky day. I am also ambivalent; I wouldn’t mind not working for a bit if the prospect didn’t stress me out so much.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie this afternoon. If you ever go to Hong Kong West at Richmond and Fort here in Victoria, I recommend ordering the Black Chicken. It’s not on the menu. I don’t know what’s in there, and they won’t tell me. It’s really, really good.

I am grateful for the wisdom that allowed me to take a break this afternoon. I googled “Optimum time for a nap”, and found that it’s best to go for less than 20 minutes or more than 90 minutes. I didn’t have 90 minutes, so I set my alarm for 20 minutes, but awoke after 10 feeling great. I’ll do that again.

I am grateful for an hour or two with my boys tonight. Julie was out, and we went for a quick walk up to Summit Park. It’s beautiful up there when the sun is going down. My boys clamber around rocks like mountain goats, and it’s fun to watch them do that.



I am grateful for our hummingbird feeder.

I am grateful for pizza, and all the excitement that surrounds it in this house when we have it for dinner.

I am grateful for working from home. It makes it easy to make things that involve timing and waiting, like say pizza dough, pretty easy to accomplish.

I am grateful for anchovies.

I am grateful for a productive work day, and for light and the end of the tunnel as deadlines approach. Hopefully it’s daylight at the end, and not another oncoming train.


I am grateful for dim sum for lunch. It was fun and delicious.

I am grateful for some quiet time watching a documentary with Farley and Coop. Coop’s the only one that saw it. Farley and I were asleep.

I am grateful for leftovers for dinner.

I am grateful for a good hour or two of work work I managed to get in tonight. This home office thing is pretty great for that.

I am grateful for distraction while working in the form of google chat messages from my brother. It’s nice that this is a regular, near daily experience for me.