I am grateful for a work filled day, and being so, so close to the end of another project.

I am grateful for a fun night with Coop. Julie and Farl were at another engagement, so we went to our favourite Vietnamese Restaurant, then off to the Board Game Cafe, where we drank Milkshakes and played 3 Boardgames (Labyrinth, Looping Louie, and the Star Wars Edition of Battleship). It was a really fun evening; It’s great to spend some time with that fella one on one.

I am grateful for the witch they’ve decorated City Hall with.

I am grateful for downtown. I miss being there every day, now that I work from home I’m not there nearly as much. I really enjoy the hum of the city. One cannot help but to feel part of something greater with so many people walking around, the lights, the traffic, and the buzz.



I am grateful for a productive day.

I am grateful for my crappy old van. We discovered it needed new tie rod ends today. The long term prognosis can never be that great for a crappy old van, but it deserved the tie rod ends, so it got them.

I am grateful for beavers. It was the Halloween party tonight, the kids were all in costume. Bobbing for apples is hilarious to watch.

I am grateful for my tankless water heater. My knee has been giving me a hard time, lately; it seems decadent, but pouring lots and lots and lots of hot water on it feels great, and it’s nice to be able to do that without spending a fortune on energy or worrying about running out of hot water.


I am grateful for a swell day playing hooky with my brother, who flew in to visit. Out for breakfast, back for home improvement, driving around town in the big old buick and riding around it on bikes, and sitting around in the sunny backyard shooting the breeze. 

I hope my kids figure out how to appreciate their siblings like I appreciate mine.


I am grateful to be working on a project that I think is going to turn out really well.

I am grateful for my kids. They are a constant and vocal reminder of what’s important to me in this life. They rely on me for so much; but I also rely on them for that grounding effect in my life.

I am grateful for my bed. I am bushed.


I am grateful for the continued survival of all who participated in our double sleepover kid swap. 4 is more kids than I am used to being responsible for but it all worked and we had a fun time. I am also grateful to be down to 2 again, and to have a very reasonable expectation of a full night of sleep.

I am grateful for Meccano, even if it is the new plastic kind. We had some that went into storage for a while. I brought it out again today and Farley and Coop had a great time with it for hours.

I am grateful for a snoring napping Farley on my lap this afternoon. Someday too soon I will miss times like these.

I am grateful for Halloween decorations. Tonight we carved pumpkins (I went with a Mexican Day of the Dead theme). Julie and the boys also drew monsters and gouls on milk cartons, to be illuminated with LED tea lights and placed outside. Fun times!


  Grateful for a full day. We showed our 2 favourite bozos and 2 of our other favourite bozos a heck of a time today, and I managed to launch a website, too.

I am grateful for a couple hours at a park by the beach this morning. 

I am grateful for 40th anniversary 1975 pricing at the pool today. The grand total for the 6 of us was $3. Many waterslides ridden many times by several members our crowd. A fun time was had by all.

I am grateful for pizza, prepared in our oven on naan bread from the grocery store. Nom nom nom!

I am grateful for tuckered out kids in bed before 8:30. Not asleep yet, mind you, but I don’t think that’s too far off.


I am grateful for a project that is about to conclude. 1 almost down, several more to go, and several more after that…

I am grateful for hot dogs. Not the healthiest choice, but we have 4 kids this weekend, and hot dogs are easy, and kids like to eat them.

I am grateful for 2 little and 2 not as little boys snuggled up on the couch watching “the Secret of Nimh” as I write this.


 I am grateful for a full day, what with the work and the kids and the Beavers and the more work.

I am grateful I was able to mend the zipper on the trampoline, the day before we have 2 more kids for 2 nights.

I am grateful for a bright moon over twinkly city lights this evening.


I am grateful for Coop’s teacher. We did parent teacher interviews today. She’s great. Cooper’s great. The school is great. So far so good on the education front. 

I am grateful to be in bed before 11pm. Last night, work and children conspired to ensure I did not get enough sleep. I don’t think that will be a problem tonight.