I am grateful for the non-big-box-ie-home-depot hvac supply store that had exactly what I needed to vent the original 1957 exhaust fan in our bathroom to the outside world.

I am grateful for progress on a project I just started in earnest today.

I am grateful for cooking success I experienced making dinner. Aloo gobi, check. Homemade chapatis, check. NOM NOM NOM.

I am grateful for bbc goodness on Netflix. Happy Valley is some fine telly.

I am grateful for some sleepy success with Farley tonight.


I am grateful for time spent raking leaves this morning. Manual labour all the time doesn’t sound good to me, but a little every now and again is good for my soul.

I am grateful for a walk in the woods this afternoon, and the all day evening light that comes with this time of year. It was pretty there, and the kids got a run, and no-one got too cold.

I am grateful for tons of stuff done today, on several fronts of my life. Every now and again, I feel like it’s possible I might one day get my cuss together, I am grateful for a moment like that right now.

I am grateful for Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, which the above photograph brings to mind. So funny.



I am grateful for Coops Beaver colony. Last week they made thase snow people out of socks that turned out pretty great, and today we went to the Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney. It was really fun.

I am grateful for a day with very little work at my computer. 

I  grateful for my aunt Patti, who is doing data entry for a project I am working on. This means I won’t have to do that data entry, and I get to have Saturday off.

I am grateful for a night out of the house. I saw the latest hunger games movie while Julie put the kids down.


I am grateful for Farley’s banana phone.

I am grateful for a productive work week. I am grateful for plenty of biz right now.

I am grateful for Family fun night. Tonight was my pick! We went swimming, and then out for ice cream. It was glorious.


I am grateful for my garagenous zone. It was quiet and productive in there today.

I am grateful for some quality time spent with my kids today. It was really only about 5-10 minutes of I’m honest, but I’ll take it.

I am grateful for adult conversation with Julie this evening. Being with children all morning and evening, and by myself for the rest of the day, it’s nice to just hang out and socialize without TV…

… But I’m also grateful for a 22 minute episode of Aziz Ansari’s show, Master of None, that we watched on Netflix tonight.