I am grateful for Farley’s crazy drink experiments. What do you do with the last bit of chocolate milk, water, and melted ice cream sundae at the end of the meal? Carefully pour various amounts of ingredients into each other, mix thoroughly, sample at every possible point, gross out everyone at the table, and earn the endeared respect of your father no matter what they say about you. That’s what.

I am grateful for a day of filing, garage sorting, and work catchup while nana had the kids, who were loving every second of it.

I am grateful for a family swim this evening, watching coop and farl jumping off the diving board again and again.

I am grateful Nana made the ferry.

I am grateful to have topped it all of at the Spitfire Grill, a restaurant that sits right on the tarmac at the airport. The kids loved it. So did I.


I am grateful for a good night’s sleep in my own bed. Vancouver was fun, but there’s no place like home.

I am grateful for my mother in law, because she is awesome.

I am grateful for dinner at Hong Kong West on Fort Street, and then a coffee afterwards on a date night with Julie.



I am grateful that playing a few sbemails from every night has made an impression on Coop. I found a very good rendition of “Trogdor the Burninator” on my kitchen table tonight, and it features lots of consummate v’s and majesty.

I am grateful for the Fraser Meats and Video store, now operating under a different name, but otherwise pretty much the same as it was before we moved away from Vancouver. I didn’t buy any Indian movies on DVD, but the marinated tandoori boneless skinless chicken breasts were fantastic on the BBQ this evening after we got home off the ferry.

I am grateful for the years spent living in Little India in Vancouver, and the opportunity to visit again today for a few hours before leaving. 

I am grateful we made reservations for the 3pm ferry, and that we were back in time to have a relaxed dinner, and to settle down 2 very excited and tired boys into bed before 9pm for the first time in a while. 

I am grateful my mother in law joined us on the way back; Julie’s back at work and we don’t have care for them this week. They’ll get some special time with Nana, and I’ll be able to sneak in some time at my desk over the next few days.


I am grateful for a request to make eggs Benedict, delivery of ingredients to make eggs Benedict, the making of eggs Benedict, and the consumption of eggs Benedict. Also: sriracha.

I am grateful for some low key moments today. While Farley slept in Nana’s arms and Cooper had some downtime in front of the tv, Julie and I got away so she could do some shopping and I could do some hanging out with my laptop at Starbucks.

I am grateful for the East Van Panto at the York Theatre on commercial drive. It was a very fun and entertains show, and the boys loved it too.

I am grateful to have lived on the Commercial Drive in Vancouver in the 90s. It was a unique time and place to be. I am grateful to have visited it today. Parts look very different, other parts are the same. It was nice to walk around the place I used to call home, and remember how much I loved living there.


I am grateful for my second time at the Star Wars film this morning, but more importantly, coop’s first, with him sitting between a cousin and uncle.  

I am grateful for Farley’s Nana, who had special time with F at the Vancouver Aquarium while that was happening.

I am grateful for a nap this afternoon.

I am grateful for chitchat in the kitchen over beer and leftovers until the wee hours of the morning with my Inlaws.


I am grateful for Christmas morning at my house. Farley was visibly vibrating while opening some of his presents. Cooper was a Christmas morning machine, handing out gifts and unwrapping like crazy. The whole event took about 45 minutes from start to finish, from 7:10 until 7:55 am. It was great.

 I am grateful for the ferry. The kids played with newfound temporary best friends in the play area, Julie attracted a crowd while practicing carols on her ukulele, and I got some introvert time with my nose stuck in my laptop. Not a bad way to travel.

I am grateful for my inlaws. I’m in Vancouver with a big crowd of grandparents to my children, brothers and sisters inlaw, and nieces and nephews. I married into a great family, and I had fun and feel honoured to be connected and a part of it all with them.




I’m grateful it’s Christmas eve.

I’m grateful for family I’m missing today. They gathered tonight as they always have at the house that used to belong to my grandparents, and now my brother, as they always have and perhaps always will, in a crowd that’s pretty much always twenty something people these days.

I am grateful for my kids.

I am grateful for Coop’s sock puppet show he put on for Farley.

I am grateful for a swim with coop and farl.

I am grateful for a fancy dinner we made ourselves.

I am grateful for stockings hung by the chimney with care, and everything all set for Christmas morning.


I am grateful for some time I got to spend with a baby today.

I am grateful Coop got a chance to spend some time with that baby, too.

I am grateful for the revelation today that my unconscious mind can be a real cusshole sometimes, what with the anxiety and preoccupation and all, but that i can shut it up real quick when I take the time to make a plan about whatever the cuss it’s blathering on about.


I am grateful for the self employed lifestyle. I was working until late tonight, but I was 35 minutes early for the new Star Wars movie at 12:30, and I didn’t need to be. The theatre was empty.

And I’m pleased to say I am also grateful that it was a great movie. I saw the first in the theatre when I was 5, and I think this one was just as good, if not better.

I am grateful for my kids, who got to chow down on their gingerbread houses tonight.