I am grateful for time spent with Coop this morning, pulling up the last of the carpet tack strips of my dingy carpet removal project. 

I am grateful for an Irish history that I feel justified in appropriating by virtue of my marriage. That’s because it makes me feel more legit when I bake soda bread, which is awesome. It’s fast, cheap, easy, and delicious. I should know. My people have been making it for thousands of years*; at least when they weren’t being pillaged by my biological Scandinavian ancestors anyway. The Vikings probably came for the bread.

I am grateful for some kid free time when Julie took the boys out for the afternoon. It was quiet. So, so quiet.

* actually, only since the 1840s.


I am grateful for Farley and Coop, who decided to play together by putting Farley in some carry-on luggage to be wheeled around by Coop, much to their mutual delight. I am also grateful the luggage in question is made by a manufacturer that offers a no-questions asked lifetime warranty.

I am grateful for some time with Farley today. Julie and Coop were otherwise occupied, so we went to see the Peanuts movie at the theatre at the Student’s Union Building at UVic. We rode on my bike. It was nice. He fell asleep back there on the ride home.

I am grateful for this conversation with Farley today:

F: Papa, you are weird.

P: I’m weird?

F: Papa, you are awesome.

P: I’m awesome?

F: Papa, you are cool. Papa, weird and awesome means cool.

Weird and awesome means cool. Truer words were never spoken. 

I am grateful I live in my own dang house, where if I decide one day I just don’t like the dingy old carpet and I  want it out right now, I can get to work, and just remove it. I can do that, and reveal the original lare 50s lino tile, regardless of the wisdom of doing such a thing, without any plan for what might take the carpet’s place. Nonetheless, I am happy to be rid of it; it’s bothered me since we moved into this place.

Gratitude – Thursday

  I am grateful for a day of catching up on stuff. I invoiced. I did some backups.

I am grateful for small appliance repair victory. The Roomba no longer makes a clunky noise while it’s running.

I am grateful for a moment of peace during the boys bedtime, with Coop recording the titles of the French books he read for school, and Farley carefully reviewing each page in an illustrated fairytale book.

Gratitude – Wednesday

I am grateful my bike broke down at point right near my house today, so I could stop and fix it and be on my way.

I am grateful for a day working downtown, in an office I used to rent from, where there are lots of people I know and things are happening. I’ll be down there once a week for the next while. I am looking forward to more of that.

I am grateful that we have set up a weekly gig with a babysitter, and it’s someone our kids like and are comfortable with, and someone we like and are comfortable with. It was great to spend time with Julie tonight, running around town getting some errands done and eating all the sushi we could.

Gratitude – Tuesday

I am grateful for an unremarkable day. Seriously, I have no problem with that. There minor things worth remarking though, I suppose.

For example, I am grateful for burger night, and for the inspiration to set up a menu for the week, so that anticipation for burger night could be properly built up. It was Coop’s pick.

I am grateful I work at home, and that there was time in my schedule to spend some cleaning our home. It needed it.

And I’m grateful for time spent puttering in the garage this evening. Cleanliness is pretty good, but it’s nowhere as near to godliness as putteriness is.

Gratitude -Monday 

 I am grateful for an opportunity to have lunch with Julie today.

I am grateful for Farley, who found the electric bike commute much better with ski goggles, and loves to make the baby laugh at his daycare.

I am grateful to be in bed. I’m pooped!

Gratitude – Sunday

I am grateful for time spent tinkering with bicycles in the garagenous zone today. 

I am grateful for a birthday party we attended for a buddy of Farley’s today.

I am grateful to be surrounded by a community of people I like. I like all the family people of the Beaver scouts we were hanging out with yesterday. Similarly, I like all the family people of Farley’s (and before that, Cooper’s) daycare. I met all these folks by happenstance; it’s nice and fortunate that I’ve wound up liking and admiring them.

Gratitude – Saturday

I am grateful for a fun Beaver event this morning. It was Winteree, held at Fort Rodd Hill national historic site. There was lots of kids climbing around old big gun batteries, and some weed pulling of an invasive species of ivy (which is more entertaining than it sounds).

I am grateful for some progress on my garagenous zone, tidying up the workshoppy side. I look forward to restoring order from chaos there, and embarking on a tyrannical campaign of wanton construction in the form of various small make-work home improvement projects.

Gratitude – Friday

I am grateful for a project launched today that started back in the spring of 2014. It started and stopped a few times in there, so I wasn’t working on it the whole time, but it’s nice to see it through.

I am grateful for family fun night. Tonight it was my pick. All 4 of us walked to a Chinese restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while, had dinner, walked back, and watched an episode of Star Trek. We were worried about the kids and the walk – it’s not that far but far enough that it was a concern, but it was great. We made good time, and on the way Farley remarked that it was a fun walk, and that he’d like to go for a fun walk again when it’s his pick.

I am grateful for the sentiment I found in my fortune cookie. “You are thorough and very organized”. I’ll take it as a compliment, regardless of it’s veracity.