I am grateful for an Internet that just keeps getting better, what with the Google maps api, and really high quality free libraries to make doing just about anything you want a web application easier and easier.

I am grateful for Julie, whom I can hear singing while accompanying herself on a ukulele I the living room as I type this.


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I am grateful for a fun day with the boys while Julie was out of town.

I am grateful for a short lived water fight between them this morning, complete with water pistols and soaked pyjamas. No cars were washed as a result of these antics, as was the original intention, but baths were had, so that was one thing to tick of the list of stuff today.

I am grateful for a trip to the Royal BC Museum today. It was great as always, perhaps better because there was a scavenger hunt, and as a result we covered more ground there than we usually do.

I am grateful for the nice folks that felt bad that we didn’t make it back with our completed scavenger hunt forms in time for the prizes they were giving out. The boys were gracious about it, and we were on our way. But they chased out after us, and presented Coop and Farley with keychains. They didn’t have to do that, but it was nice, and the boys appreciated it, and so did I.

I am grateful for the Victoria Car Wash, it’s the kind where you pass them the keys to your car and go in a hallway where you watch people and machines wash the heck out of your car, inside and out. I recall my folks taking me and our Plymouth to in Calgary growing up – I think it may have been on 4th Ave. Nice to have that Déjà vu today with my kiddos, and my Grandpa’s old Buick.


I am grateful for Beaver Buggy races tonight. Coop was away the nights when they were building them, so he made his own last night and decorated it this morning with a leopard skin pattern. I am considering having him do the same with our minivan. They all had a blast, Farley and other siblings, too. 


I am grateful for Coop’s wholehearted embrace of pink shirt day.

I am grateful to be on the mend.

I am grateful for a night out at the movies. We saw Dead Pool. I knew nothing about it before the lights went down. I very much enjoyed it.


I am grateful for some quality coding work this morning, with a high victory to aggravation ratio.

I am grateful for lunch at a greasy chopstick I used to eat at all the time when I worked in chinatown, but don’t get to very often anymore.

I am grateful for that look Cooper gives me when he’s really, really intently listening to whatever it is I am talking about, although I’m always a little intimidated by that look, because I know I am being recorded. It’s like he’s got a blinking red light on him.

I am grateful for snuggles with Farley while I put him to bed to night. “CAN YOU …. WUB MY BACK”, was his request, in a loud whisper. Only too happy to comply. One day he’ll be a big galoot, but today he’s little, and wants a backrub.

I am grateful for popcorn Julie made me this evening.


I am grateful for a client/coworker who has invested a lot of time in showing me how to do some cool stuff with web application work. 

I am grateful for lunch with Julie and my folks at Agrius today, a new (to me) place downtown. It got the first four star review from this guy at the Globe and Mail. It really was very good!

I am grateful for Farley and Cooper, especially those moments when I see them playing and really connecting with each other.

I am grateful for modern medicine. Asthma is kicking my butt right now, but it’d have been a lot worse a century or two ago.



I am grateful for oatmeal pancakes Julie brought me in bed this morning.

I am grateful for a relaxed day, which I needed, because I am getting over a cold.

I am grateful for our trampoline. My kids got crazier and crazier through the morning, then they went on that thing, then they were not as crazy for a while, before getting crazier and crazier until bedtime.


I am grateful for a full day. This morning I loaded the van to the gills and took it to the dump. Then, this afternoon, we went to Costco and filled it up again with stuff to take home.

I am grateful for time spent on the living room floor building Lego.