I am grateful for some great weather today.

I am grateful for lunch at La Taqueria Pinche today with Julie. 

I am grateful for Farley’s daycare. They rode their strider bikes to the beach today and it looked like they had a great time. I know because I saw photographic evidence on Facebook. 

I am grateful for beavers tonight. Farley got to go along with Coop this time, too. They did a beach scavenger hunt followed by some playtime at the park. They ran nonstop, and are sleeping soundly now.


I am grateful my head cold addled brain was able to push through on a quick project that required some thinking, all with in the time allotted to it.

I am grateful for some nice weather today.

I am grateful for a great date night with Julie. We went out for Vietnamese food, then to the UVic observatory to look at the stars through big telescopes this warm, clear evening. It was great.

I am grateful for the trapezium cluster. It’s the unassuming middle dot of Orion’s dagger. Through that telescope though, you can see it’s actually a cluster of stars, illuminating a nebula that’s roughly 24 light years across, so I’m told. Crazy!


I am grateful for lunch with Julie. 

I am grateful for an enjoyable bike ride home today. The weather was fantastic.

I am grateful for some time with the boys in the backyard tonight, Farley doing his Tasmanian Devil routine in the confines of the trampoline, and Cooper doing his best to photo document the sunset.


I am grateful for a fine day to end a fine weekend. Made a great breakfast, got some shopping done, then we were off to take El Banana for the first voyage of the season at Elk Lake. It was a beautiful evening to be out, and we met some nice folks who were very dedicated to their remote controlled boat hobby. Turns out a small model boat with a 12,000 watt motor is crazy fast, and fun to watch.


I am grateful for the Easter Bunny, who made a trip to our house and backyard at some point last night.

I am grateful that the raccoons only took 4 treats, and left the rest for the children they were intended for.

I am grateful for a walk up to summit park, and bocce there with my family and my inlaws.

I am grateful for some nature documentaries with Farley asleep on my lap, and me snoozing too, for a bit there.

I am grateful to have all been taken out for dinner out at White Spot by my my inlaws before hugging out the goodbyes.

I am grateful to have the kids and me in bed at a decent hour. I could use a good sleep about now.


I am grateful for Coop’s school. We saw this link to a news story about a Buddy Bench program. Julie sent it to the principal this morning, who emailed back to say our school was already on a list to get one, and that she thought it was a terrific program.

I am grateful for water rockets from the dollar store. They did not last long, but they went high enough to be launched from the back yard, to land in the front yard. Fun times with my boys!

I am grateful for my inlaws, who made the trip from the mainland to be with us for Easter today and tomorrow.

I am grateful for Julie, who took on dinner preparation today, ham with pineapple and maraschino cherries stuck on it, scalloped potatoes and all the rest. It turned out awesome.


  I am grateful for a terrific day. French toast for breakfast, time spent on a make work project in the garagenous zone, hours at the park and then, after all that good stuff it was time for family fun night, my pick. We went out for Chinese food, and then a swim. After the thoroughly tuckered out kids were in bed, we enjoyed House of Cards. Days don’t get much better than this, IMHO. If this isn’t nice, what is?


I am grateful for time spent with a buddy for lunch today, and for the violin he bequeathed me that came from his downsizing efforts.

I am grateful for Cooper’s hand reaching up to take mine on our walk tho the car after I picked him up this afternoon. I won’t know when it’s the last time things like that happen, so I make an effort to take note of that kind of thing and appreciate it.

I am grateful for dinner with friends tonight, with similarly aged kids who ran around until they crashed in front of a movie while us adults enjoyed chitchat and wine. It was a great evening with great people.

I am grateful for time spent with the aforementioned violin and YouTube this evening. I started at square one, but and now can play the first few notes of Cotton Eyed Joe. This old dog always enjoys a new trick.


I am grateful for the opportunity to submit a proposal on a project in response to an RFP. Will I win the business? No idea. But I can go to bed knowing I spent the day writing the heck out of my proposal, and I think I should, even if I don’t.

I am grateful It’s my job to make breakfast for my boys in the morning. It’s often a hectic time, but preparing food for them first thing after waking up grounds me, and reminds me what my priorities are, no matter how the rest of the day unfolds.

I am grateful for date night. Julie and I dined like royalty at Part and Parcel, one of those artisanal hipster restaurants that are popping up these days. Then we went to the university to take in a screening of turn of the century silent films that portrayed stories that took place in the Roman Empire. There was live piano accompaniment, and man, he was good; he improvised the entire 90 minute show. It was a bit boring at times, and I’m not going to lie: the cartoon was my favourite. It was a night to remember.


I am grateful for weather that keeps getting better, and days that keep getting longer.

I am grateful for a bike ride home from downtown this morning.

I am grateful the paella I made tonight turned out nicely.

I am grateful for some time spent tinkering in the garagenous zone.

I  grateful for some time spent relaxing in front of the tube tonight.