I am grateful for a quiet day of quietly working in my quiet office. TGIM!

I am grateful to be working at home, where it’s not that big a deal to make a pizza before heading off to pick up the boys.

I am grateful for an evening spent with those jokers, while Julie was out for dinner with a friend. We were all pleased to gobble up said pizza, and then I declared that if dinner and homework was done and we were all set to go swimming by 6:30, we could go for a swim. My ultimatum was met, and so I am also grateful for a frolic in the pool before heading home to bed at a respectable 8:15, already in our PJs.


I am grateful for a low key Sunday. We’ve had a busy few weeks, it was nice to take it easy.

I am grateful for Coop’s discovery of God’s Eyes, the craft made with popsicle sticks and yarn that he discovered yesterday at Beaveree. He’s been at them like crazy today, right up until bedtime.

I am grateful for a visit from my sister outlaw at our house for breakfast this morning.

I am grateful for Coop’s drawing of himself at 100 years old, featuring bloodshot eyes and emphasis on facial hair. I hope he makes it. It’s a good look.


I am grateful for the humour that autocorrect gives us at times, like just now when I wrote the title for this blog post as “gratitude”, but it figured I must mean “destitute”. 

I am grateful for beaveree. All 4 of us went. Highlights included maple syrup taffy made by pouring boiled syrup on snow, then rolled up with Popsicle sticks, canoeing, and spraying a real firehose from a real firetruck with real firefighters.

I am grateful for all the other leaders and beaver parents. They are all good and interesting people, and many show up at any given event. Today we had 7 adults for our 9 kids.

I am grateful that one of my fellow leaders is a paediatrician, who attended to Farley after a very unfortunate, abrupt, and hard encounter between his head and a rock. Not a moment to be grateful for, that, but the peace of mind knowing that a doctor who specializes in kids had taken a look absolutely was.

I am grateful for as spectacular performance by my sister outlaw’s choir. Know what’s amazing? Seeing dozens and dozens of very talented singers (I’d guess at least 60) singing a in one of this town’s biggest oldest churches, without amplification. It was sublime. I was transported. If you are in Vancouver, buy a ticket to the show on June 5 RIGHT NOW.

And I am grateful for some time in a hot tub. After all that Julie and I went to one of the other beaver leader’s homes, and we sat and soaked and decompressed in their hot tub, and kvetched about all things parenting. Nice way to end the day.


I am grateful for a fun bike ride taking my boys to school this morning

I am grateful for another quit day quietly working at my quiet desk.

I am grateful for family fun night, Farley’s pick: bug shaped noodles and cheese, and Guardians of the Galaxy. An easy peasy night at home.


I am grateful for lots of stuff that got done today.

I am grateful for facebook photos of Farley on his field trip to ride the harbour ferries and eat French fries today. He was so excited, and he had a blast.
I am grateful to have a damage deposit from our new tenant.

I am grateful for taco night.

I am grateful to be in bed.


I am grateful for a mystery package for Farley that came from Amazon yesterday. It’s a rescue helicopter/boat/scuba diver/shark set, and he loves it! Was it you? Let me know!

I am grateful for a nice quiet day of working quietly in my quiet office.

I am grateful for date night, today Julie and I went to the movies and saw “Money Monster”. It’s not going to win any Oscars, but it fit the bill, kept us entertained, and was pretty much as advertised; and that was just what I needed. 


I am grateful for the pond in front of my house, and the lilipads in it, and their flowers. I’m chuffed that the new cover makes it all much easier to see.

I am grateful for a quiet day in my quiet office, where I sat and worked quietly for most of the day.

I am grateful for the wanton orgy of mass consumerism we all partook in at Costco this evening. We spent a ton of money, but the cupboards and freezer were bare, and now they are not, and we’ll be dining like kings and queens at our house for the foreseeable future.


I am grateful for a day spent at the Victoria Highland games. We watched large men in kilts throw various heavy things, saw sheep shearing demonstrations, and ate food truck fare. One highlight was a sword fighting demonstration, followed by a free introductory lesson for Coop. I think he quite enjoyed that.

I am grateful for my boys, who spent much of the day today entertaining each other. I delight in seeing them be friends as well as brothers.

I am grateful for some time spent on a project today. I made a mesh cover for our pond to keep raccoons and herons (hopefully) out. I used pvc pipe to build the structure. That is one fantastic material. Fitting it all together was as fun, if not funnier than Lego.


I am grateful for a warm day.

I am grateful for a trip to Home Depot, and the euphoria that comes with the stage of a project that consists of wandering the aisles and actually seeing and handling the materials one might use to turn a vision into a reality, even if that reality is something as mundane as a new cover to keep raccoons out of the pond.

I am grateful for an afternoon and evening in the backyard, eating streak and asparagus, and making up cocktails with rum, grapefruit juice, and carbonated water.

I am grateful for euphoric kids jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler on underneath.

I am grateful for pavlova Julie made tonight. It turned out very well.


I am grateful for house guests, they make a great excuse for eggs Benedict, which we enjoyed for breakfast this morning.

I am grateful for a few hours to myself while Julie was out this afternoon; I read a book and had a nap. Doesn’t sound like much, but that’s a rare experience in my life, and awesome.

I am grateful for boys night out. We biked down to a Chinese restaurant, and Coop and Farl tired themselves out at a playground before we headed home.