I am grateful for two master magnaformer builders this morning. Coop was totally encouraging Farleey to build his own car rather than getting someone else to do it for him, and was showing him how to build the same car he was making step by step. Farl was right into it and doing great.

I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful for a potluck at Farley’s daycare today. Great kids and great families. Also grateful my mac and cheese turned out well.


I am grateful to have ordered up some flooring for our house. It’s been too long with too many different old carpets here. After spending everything we could on the house, we then spent anything else we could renovating the suite. Now we have flooring on order, it’ll be great when it’s in.


I am grateful for a lazy morning.

I am grateful for various Christmas tree chipping events around town.

I am grateful for play dates our kids attended today, and for a solid hour or two during which I finished off filing all the random 2015 bits of paper I collected that were sprinkled throughout my life.

I am grateful that for all my worries, how to put food on the table isn’t one of them. We pretty much always have good ingredients in our pantry and fridge. That’s a luxury I try not to take for granted.


I am grateful for a happy fawn, prancing on all fours, spotted across the street from Farley’s daycare after I dropped him off this morning. That animal was just so dang happy.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie. We got sushi. So good.

I am grateful for a post-dinner pre-bedtime bike ride with Coop and Farl tonight. we went through Summit Park, and to a playground. It was warm and fun, and didn’t take so long that anyone got to bed too late.



Today was a nutty day. I’m grateful we had nothing planned.

This morning, before we got up, Farley poured himself a glass of milk, and took it into the living room. This, in itself, is an infraction on rule 39 subsection c paragraph 6. This rule was created and given parental assent based on the “keeping kids from ruining things” act of 2013. Serious business.

The milk in question wound up on the couch, and had a good long while to soak in.

So we started to plan our day around figuring out how to get milk out of the couch before it went sour and started to smell. Luckily, we had no plans.

But then, Coop, who had an accident involving his face, a handrail, a trip to the dentist and a swollen, bruised face, on Friday complained of a headache. Julie packed him up in the car to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

Our day filled up with plans awfully quick, I’m grateful there were no conflicts to worry about.

I am grateful for time spent with Farl. We played Connect 4, magnaformers, and fire tucks. We had a nap. I am grateful for the nap. I am grateful for how sweet that kiddo is when he’s sleeping.

I am grateful for dinner we had in the hospital parking lot. Coop and Julie  were waiting patiently for hours, and started to grow hungry. Farl and I packed up some dinner and headed to the hospital on the bike. By the time we got there, Coop was done, so we ate in the parking lot. It was an odd sort of picnic, but fun.

And I am grateful Coop is fine. They were worried there might have been a skull fracture, but the x-rays were normal. Thank goodness!


I am grateful for a lazy relaxed morning, sleeping in, letting kids watch cartoons and tidying up a bit.

I am grateful for time spent swimming in Elk Lake today, and to live in a place where the weather is nice this time of year, and if we’ve got an hour and 25 minutes, we can spent one hour of that in a lake.

I am grateful for a night out with Julie. We saw Joe Jackson perform at the Royal Theatre. He was by himself with his keyboards for the first few songs, and was later joined by his band (bass, drums, guitar). It was great, I’ve always been aware of him, but was never a big fan. Tonight exceeded my expectations. Below is a video (or link to a video) of the first encore. It’s from a different show, but the same tour.


I am grateful that it wasn’t worse when Coop fell off a handrail he was climbing on and onto his face this morning. It was pretty scary, and he knocked out a baby tooth, and half of his face is still swollen, but he’s okay. Very unfortunate, but it could have been much worse.

I am grateful for a story he read to me tonight.

I am grateful for time spent with an old broken cukoo clock this evening. Hoping I can fix it, and fully aware it’s no big deal if I can’t. That’s a great kind of puttering, right there.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie looking at pictures of Farley when he was a baby, and Cooper around that time, too. Seems like a million years ago.


I am grateful for a visit from this person. This person is not Farley, but is another person, who slices things open, so I’m told.

I am grateful for the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre Open Art Painting Studio. I signed up for the summer, and had my orientation today. It’s a nice space, not too far from home. I am chuffed.


I am grateful for a visit at my old office. I had a quick meeting to attend there, and then said hello to a bunch of people in person, which isn’t something I normally do.

I am grateful for a nice walk home from downtown after that, with This American Life in my earbuds.

I am grateful for a full and productive work day.

I am grateful for fish tacos for dinner tonight.

I  grateful for a riveting fame of fish with Cooper tonight. Farley played the “fisherman” position. It was tight, but Coop won.