I am grateful for a productive work day, in both the new shared workspace, and also the garagenous zone.

I am grateful for lunch out with Julie today. 

I am grateful for just enough time to get my costume together. I made a pretty good spaceman to match Farley’s spaceship. In the photo, you can also see the back of my eldest son, the vampire.


I am grateful for time spent painting this morning. I always love it, but sometimes it’s a struggle to get it the way I want it. Today was a good day that way, it felt like it was painting itself.

I am grateful for a moment where Cooper and Farley brought themselves from fighting like scrappy cats and dogs to hanging out like buddies, all on their own, without intervention from me.

I am grateful for a fun time swimming with those jokers this afternoon.

I am grateful for the first sale I can recall of my artwork to be used as artwork, not as marketing material or speaker support. I’ve been working on setting up a website to sell giclee prints of my paintings. I have it up in beta, and the first click on a buy button happened today. Humbling and exciting, that is!


I am grateful for our new to us van. It was convenient, Julie’s coworker was looking to sell her 1994 Honda Odyssey with over 380,000 kms on the odometer just as we were realizing we would soon be without a car. I am thinking this one will let us take a bit more time and be more choosey while we shop for our next one. I have no illusions about the life expectancy of this car, but i love it, and i have been feeling myself go from thinking “I hope it lasts us long enough” to “we have to get it to 400K”!

I am grateful for time spent with Coop at the Board Game Cafe. We played Ticket to Ride; we both liked it.


I am grateful for some time spent painting today.

I am grateful for Coop’s Halloween  school dance. It was noisy and fun.

I am grateful for a visit from my inlaws today. The boys were ecstatic to see Nana and Pop.


I am grateful for an action packed day – meetings, phone calls, car accident fallout, website launch, and it all got done somehow.

I am grateful for time spent with my kids. Farley demonstrating the shape of the letters Y and Z with his body. Playing UNO and cracking jokes with Cooper. Groggily listing off something good, bad, funny, and a mistake made during the day to each other just after lights out and before they went asleep. All of it is easy to take for granted, but really it’s some of the best stuff this life has to offer


I am grateful for a productive work day.

I am grateful to be working near Julie’s  office again. Today we met at lunch and bought a raincoat for Farley at MEC before grabbing some sushi. It’s nice to be able to do that kind of thing.

I am grateful for a fun night out for dinner, and then out for a show with friends of ours while our kids were at home with a babysitter. It’s been a while since I sat down at a table with more than 2 adults at a restaurant without kids around. It’s so dang easy to converse!


I am grateful for an action packed, albeit exhausting, second day of cub camp.

I am grateful for a terrific venue for it. We were right next to a small creek that was feeding a pond created be a beaver dam. It is pretty as all heck there.

I am grateful to be home, and in my warm, soft bed.


I am grateful for the opportunity to watch my kid, and a bunch of other kids too, learn and master new skills at Cub Camp. Today they used jack knives to make cedar shavings, and then learned to make and tend small fires with them. They ran wild, played games, and explored the woods just as kids always have, always should, and always will.

I am grateful for the hours of volunteer work the scouters put in to make this all happen.

I am grateful for my fancy pants backpacking cot. I’m as comfy as one can possibly expect to be while camping.