I was too dang tired to be grateful last night, but I am grateful for another day at Cub Camp, and for time spent with Cooper there, and then Farley the robot with a laundry basket over his head later on, and for time spent with Julie just chit chatting and catching up at the kitchen table for a good long while after the kids were down.

I am grateful for an audible guffaw I made, alone, when I read a text from Farley’s daycare provider that reported he’d just said, “I am sorry I farted. My mom forced me to eat beans”. I am totally going to steal that line next time I am in an elevator with strangers.

I am grateful for time spent with those two jokers tonight. Julie was out and we had some laughs. Sometimes those two are cussing hilarious.


I am grateful for an unexpected day of kid time; although when there are work obligations that need to be attended to, that can get hairy.

I am grateful for the garagenous zone. What do you do when you are at home sick? Bust out the power tools and make a plywood racetrack for hot wheels. That’s what.

I am grateful for time spent painting in the studio today.


I am grateful for my carpenter. He does great work, and he lets me work with him, and he’s fun to work with. Today we hung french doors in a doorframe, and then installed them into our front closet. If you need carpentry, particularly custom furniture, talk to Bill. Bill can do it. You can help!

I am grateful for construction adhesive. Its just the thing if you have a thing you want to stick to another thing.

I am grateful for Coop, who was giving his upset brother the space and consideration he needed tonight. 

I am grateful for Farley. He had some nice snuggles for me when he was going to bed.


I am grateful for public healthcare. I took Farley to the doctor this morning. Nothing major, but I see the privilege in being able make the decision to do that without worrying about how to pay for it.

I am grateful for time in the garagenous zone, catching up on the boring parts of running one’s own business.

I am grateful for Coop’s Cub meeting. They played some games; they told everyone about a good turn they did since last week. All good stuff. 

I am grateful for quiet time with Farley on my lap, in a rocking chair at bedtime. 


I am grateful for time spent painting today. It’s been tough to find time get in there lately, so I appreciated it!

I am grateful for a photo Julie texted me while I was painting of Coop poring over and using an Ed Emberly how-to-draw book that I had when I was a kid, and Farley assembling beads into jewellery. They were at this for a good long while.

I am grateful for a game of “ticket to ride” at the board game cafe with Coop this afternoon.


I am grateful for a walk in Goldstream park to see the salmon run. We met with friends, and kids ran rampant. Farley climbed anything kids can climb, and Coop really enjoyed trying out my SLR camera.

I am grateful for time spent when we were all in the living room tonight. Julie was playing candy crush, coop just started reading Harry Potter, and Farley and I were rolling a balll back and forth between us. This went on for a good long while. Downtime as a family is not something we’ve really been good at before, but we were today.

I am grateful for time Julie and i spent painting after the kids went to bed tonight.