I am grateful for our last full day here in Mexico.

I am grateful for lots of time in the pool.

I am grateful for beer and tomato juice. Sounds weird, I know, but try it!

I am grateful for a family ukelele jam on the beach.


Last night I was grateful for terrific kid behaviour on the flight from Victoria to Cancun, and for smooth transfers all the way to where we are staying in Playa del Carmen.

After that, I was grateful for all the trappings of a place like this, abundant good food and a swim after dark when it’s still warm outside.

And I am very grateful for company of Julie’s family down here too. There’s nothing like watching my excited kids hanging out with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.


I am grateful for a new skill acquired today – doing laundry in a contractor grade garbage bag in the bathtub. Worked great!

I am grateful for a small adventure. We walked to a mall full of touristy crap, and bought some touristy crap there. I am also grateful to the mall staff that helped us retrieve the sunglasses that Farley threw or dropped onto the awning past the railing we were standing beside for a moment there.

I am grateful for the sighting of a giant insect on the way back. Pretty sure Farley wanted to keep it.

I am grateful for more hours spent with my kids and their cousins in the pool , making up crazy games and keeping cool.


I am grateful for another day at this place.

I am grateful I was able to help my brother in law secure tickets to burning man. It was fun to see that guy so dang happy.

I am grateful for my mother in law, who took my kids to breakfast this morning so we could sleep in a bit, and then took care of them this evening so Julie and I could spend some time kidless.


I am grateful for a boat ride to a reef and subsequent snorkel. My kids, not so much, what with the salt water in the mouth and the ill fitting masks. In the end they said they had fun though, and we got to see fish, and apparently there are turtles, although I missed spotting one.

I am grateful for an afternoon spent sitting by the pool and reading a cheeseball sci-fi novel.


I am grateful for time spent swimming and snorkelling at a cenote, also in a cave, also under mangroves today with my boys and everyone else.

I am grateful for Farley, who jumped off the 10 foot cliff into the water. He was scared the first time, but found it was fun, and did it twice more. I am grateful for Coop, too, who saw his brother do it, and then did the same thing, 3 times.

I am grateful for the little fish that nibbled at our toes, causing Farley to laugh with delight, and declare when we asked him to come pose for a picture,  “okay, but the fishies need to finish their dinner”.

I am grateful for a late evening on the beach with my brothers in law, chatting over drinks until it was time to hit the sack.


I am grateful for a fun day at a resort in Mexico. Pools and beaches and food and drink and the like. It’s decadent and fun.

I am grateful for Farley’s  invitation to play boats in the pool.

I am grateful to be doing it all with family.


I am grateful for a “Super S” marker tattoo that Cooper gave me on my arm today. With my bald head and goatee, it really completed a badass look; though it was somewhat negated by a sweater vest and socks in sandals. 

I am grateful for time spent with Farley reading The Lorax. I wonder, when my kids get older, will I still read Dr. Seuss?

I am also grateful for time quietly working in my quiet garagenous zone, time spent with Julie over lunch, and some time spent painting in the studio.