I am grateful for some time spent with Julie this morning getting some errands done.

I am grateful for some time in the garagenous zone for the
First time in a while, even though it was hotter than Hades in there today.

I am grateful for some time spent painting at the studio.

I am grateful for digital book loans from my public library.

I grateful for time with my boys tonight. They helped me build my Lego Saturn V rocket, while intermittently swinging in the swing and jumping in the trampoline. We're done the first two stages now.

I am grateful for time spent reading to Farley before bed.


I am grateful for time in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for Coop's help in painting the front steps. That kid does just fine with a roller. Nice to have that done before the rains start to fall.

I am grateful for IMAX movies the boys and I took in today. Know what I just can't get enough of? Steam locomotives in the Rocky Mountains. That's what.

I am grateful for time spent with those same kiddos at a playground. Felt like one of the last long hot days of summer


I am grateful for a trip to a u-pick farm this morning with friends. Kids romped around and sat on the grass, and we came home with squash, celery, broccoli, radishes, onions, lettuce, celeriac, beans, blackberries, raspberries, and a bunch of other stuff I am likely forgetting.

I am grateful for friends who came to eat all that and still more at an impromptu backyard BBQ tonight. If that kind of thing isn't nice, what is?

I am grateful for googly eye thumbtacks.



I am grateful for Coop's first day back at summer camp, and my first day back at doing whatever it is I do all day.

I am grateful for time in the studio this afternoon.

I am grateful for family fun night: Coop's pick. We went to see Gruff, put on by friends of ours for the Fringe Festival. If you are in Victoria and 5 years old or over, you should see it too!


I am grateful for lunch Coop made for me, a tomato sandwich with mayo, salt, and pepper. One of my faves.

I am grateful for a buddy of Coop's who had him over for a while this afternoon. I managed to get almost an hour in at the studio.

I am grateful for Farley's hand, which still sometimes reaches up for mine when we are walking somewhere. I know this time is fleeting, and I treasure it.

I am grateful for a few extra inches in height and reach over the average joe. It's not ideal on subcompact cars or airplanes, but is just the thing when walking by blackberry bushes on a well travelled path in a public park.

I am grateful for opportunity to get a fair amount of work done and a few deadlines met early this past week. I was hoping for that, but wasn't sure I'd be able to accomplish it.

I am grateful for time spent watching some vintage 1970 Sesame Street with my boys tonight. Farley looked like he was spotting celebrities. Ernie and Bert, Grover and Cookie Monster show up in books around our house, but I think this might be the first time He'd seen them on a TV.


I am grateful for an easy day at home with Coop. I actually managed to get a bunch of work done. Hard to believe how big he's getting. Sometimes taking care of Coop at home is basically like taking care of a fine young man reading a novel. There's just nothing to it!

I'm grateful for Farley. He's been a good sport, but it's not easy to keep your lower lip from quivering when your brother is getting all kinds of love and attention from everyone while he's getting better, and gets to stay home and read books and watch movies. Farley's been a trooper through all this, but I feel for that guy.

I am grateful for time in at the studio tonight.


I am grateful for the opportunity to witness a solar eclipse today. We made pinhole camera viewing apparatus last night, and they worked well. The dimming of the light, the change in shadows, and the drop in temperature were all mind blowing. I could see my breath, which I did not expect. So cool!

I am grateful for sea anemones in tidal pools. There was a once in a lifetime astronomical event going on, but that's what hadFarley's attention, and those things are mind blowing, too.

I am grateful for an afternoon out of the house. We went to the library and then to a park, where Coop and I read and Farley ran off steam until he joined us. I am also grateful for a quick sushi snack before heading home.

I am grateful for homemade pizza consumed in the backyard.

I am grateful for some quiet time in the quiet studio this evening.