I am grateful for a full DAY at the studio – 9am-5:15pm, with an hour for lunch. Not sure that’s ever happened.

I am grateful for lunch with Julie.

I am grateful for dinner together tonight, with a buddy of Cooper’s over too.

I am grateful for time spent reading with Farley this evening. I can feel the strength of his will when he’s sounding those words out.


I am grateful for time in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for a third day back at the gym.

I am grateful for dinner with Julie and the boys this evening. Everyone was chatty and in good spirits. If that’s not nice, what is?

I am grateful for date night with Julie. We saw Green Book, and it was good. My parents took the kids to martial arts class,and then home to bed. Grateful for that, too.


I am grateful for a long time spent at the studio today.

I am grateful for time with my family in the school gym at a math activity fair they organized tonight. There were some interesting concepts explained through some clever games there.


I am grateful for old videos of my kids taken several years ago that we stumbled across this morning. Good lordy, they were cute when they were little.

I am grateful for more than 4 hours in the studio this morning. It was glorious. I know I need more of that, and I am trying to engineer a lifestyle to accommodate that need. Almost there!

I am grateful for Coop’s Cub meeting this evening. They can get pretty hectic, but not so much when they are focussed, like they were on sanding and painting their pine car derby cars tonight.


I am grateful for a good turnout and some pleasant conversations with a number of fine folks at the opening of a show I am involved in this afternoon.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie, Cooper and his pal, Gabe eating popcorn and playing board games.

I am grateful for dinner out with my family and parents this evening at a neighbourhood restaurant within walking distance.


I am grateful for a breakfast sandwich Julie made me this morning.

I am grateful for time spent with my lads in the backyard this morning. I was trying to wear them out on the trampoline, where we all wound up lying down eventually finding shapes in the clouds drifting by in the sky. I was aware even at the time that this was an idyllic parenting moment; the kind of thing I’d imagined before I had kids. I didn’t imagine the moments that weren’t as idyllic, that had occurred immediately before and then immediately after the trampoline, but that’s how it goes. I’ve learned that if you like experiencing extreme emotions, both positive and negative, and in rapid succession, then maybe having kids is for you.

I am grateful for a night out with Julie. My parents took the boys for the evening, and we saw a dance/theatre performance called Concussion. It was a bit out there, and it was great. I never know how I’ll like stuff like that; sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t, and I rarely know what the difference is, but this one I did. The sound design on its own was phenomenal.


I am grateful for my folks, who showed my kids a good time in Sidney on their Pro-D day today.

I am grateful for a morning of highly productive puttering and errands. I fixed our kitchen faucet, delivered a package, and Julie and I succeeded in not buying bedsheets we didn’t want at a store we went to looking for bedsheets that we did want. Victory!

I am grateful for a good long time in the studio today; first I’be been there in 6 days. Too long!

I am grateful for family fun night: Cooper’s pick. We did drawing tutorials on YouTube together. We drew an x-wing, the Flash, and Ironman. Fun stuff!


I am grateful for the car sharing co-op I just used for the second time today. I don’t need it often, but it works well and is nice to have access to it when I do.

I am grateful for a good mechanic, and a new alternator in our van.

I am grateful for all the artists I am showing with at the Mosaic art show I am in at Goward House, here in Victoria, We installed the show today, all 59 pieces, from 6 diverse artists. I think it looks great, if I do say so myself. If you are reading this, you are invited to the opening reception, this Sunday from 1:30 to 3:30. More info here. It’d be great to see you!

I am grateful for time spent with my family this evening. We watched Ponyo. I am also grateful for that film and every other one I’ve seen from Studio Ghibli.


I am grateful for the time, tools, and space I had access to to finish a picture frame building project today. I have 6 odd sized canvases that are too shallow to go without, and I didn’t want to have to buy a bunch of custom frames. I wasn’t sure they’d work out until I had the paintings in them, but now that they are I am pleased with the result. Good thing too, because 5 of them will be in a show that installs tomorrow!

I am grateful for lunch with Julie at Jam Cafe, and a nice conversation with a stranger at the next table. Turns out strangers aren’t so bad.

I am grateful for Coop, who went to martial arts class tonight though his brother wasn’t feeling up to it, and waited patiently while I finished installing paintings into their frames in the studio afterward.

I am grateful I happened to book a maintenance appointment with the mechanic for our car a few weeks back, because just tonight it started to make a terrible noise. I am not at all grateful for the noise, nor the stressful implications of it, nor any of the stupid cuss one must put up with to own and operate a stupid cussing car, but this is not my cussing and whining about car ownership blog, it’s my gratitude blog. If it were though, I’d be cussing up a cussing cuss-storm of cuss, because I HATE that kind of car cuss. Grateful I have the mechanic booked though.


I am grateful for a busy day with lots of moving parts, but none that failed.

I am grateful for lunch with my folks.

I am grateful for a screening of Isle of Dogs at our house tonight. Coop picked it up at the library, because he knew it was one of my favourite movies.

I am grateful for time spent reading with Farley tonight at bedtime.