I am grateful for a day full of complicated logistics that all worked out in the end.

I am grateful for a happy customer for a recently completed commission.

I am grateful for perfect, dry, clear, still weather for Halloween tonight.

I am grateful for the guy at the thrift store I stopped at to buy the last piece of my Waldo costume who said to me, “no, I don’t have a cane, but I do have a pogo stick!”, Because you know what Cooper has been asking for repeatedly lately? A pogo stick. That’s what.

I am grateful for an evening of trick or treating in our neighbourhood with Farley, running into friends and neighbors, feeling the warmth of our community. Coop was off with his friends elsewhere, so I will treasure these next last few years.


I am grateful for a full day of painting at the Parkside Hotel.

I am grateful for a night of reading rules and rolling up a character with Cooper this evening. He recently purchased a set of Dungeons and Dragons stuff and is itching to play.

I am grateful for the big red sliver that the moon was as it descended into the horizon this evening. Farley spotted it first, and he got us all pretty excited about it.


I am grateful for a background in web development; it makes it easy to manage that side of my art biz.

I am grateful for my electric bike and good weather for it today.

I am grateful for an Othello game with Farley, and some time spent listening to Cooper read a French book.


I am grateful for a lifestyle where if what I need is a nap, that can often be arranged, because not often, but sometimes, I really do.

I am grateful for time spent with Farley and his Cub Pack. Tonight was the pumpkin carving night. It’s always a bit harrowing giving a bunch of kids knives and power drills to play with for the first time. This wasn’t our first rodeo though, and we’ve got some good rules, and everyone went home with all their appendages securely in place.