This hot summer day

We took a dip at Elk lake.

It cleansed my spirit.

I now have the stuff

To make stained glass windows here.

This could be real big.

I am grateful for

Celebrating forty eight

Death-free years so far.


I am grateful for…

That’s how I used to start these

Now I write haikus.

The hillbilly hot tub

An elegant solution

To sit in water.

My children demand

One hundred percent always

Sixty’s what they get.

I could paint all day.

Often, in fact, I get to.

I’m living that dream.

For dinner, meatballs.

Delicious. Why should you care?

It’s irrelevant.


We tidied all day.

Cleaning, and rearranging

Not done, but better.

Nana delivered

Her tent and some cookies.

Those cookies ARE MINE.


Helmet build, and water fights

Kept kids from trouble.

Hot temperatures

Except in our 2 bedrooms.

Where we have AC.


I am grateful for the wherewithal to do a project this morning. I managed to figure out a way to install an old roof rack on our utility trailer, which I am hoping to use for kayak transport and storage. I have two legs again, so doing stuff like that and kayaking are real possibilities for me now.

I am grateful for time spent painting today.

I am grateful for time spent building a model wooden boat with Farley this evening.

I am grateful for a few hands of rummy with Julie tonight. I am realizing that given my druthers, if I am going to play a game, I’d prefer it be a card game.

I am grateful for Julie. She’s awesome like when you make up a recipe from ingredients you have in hand, and it totally works out, and you savour it because you know you could never repeat it again even if you tried.


I am grateful for time spent painting today.

I am grateful for my first time driving since my injury on June 1. It was liberating, for me, and I think it will be liberating for Julie, too, which is nice.

I am grateful for faster internet that was installed today. I thought it was fast before, and before that, it was just amazing that there was such a thing at all, and before that, there was no internet. If I went back in time to tell myself in previous decades that the reason I had to get faster internet was because multiple people in my family wanted to do concurrent video calls, instead of one at a time, my past self’s mind would have exploded. Will wonders never cease!

I am grateful for time using that internet service for all 4 of us to play hearts, the card game, using iphones and computers in our house today. How else would that be possible?

I am grateful for time spent with Coop running some errands. He came along to pick up some silver spraypaint for his Mandalorian helmet, which is looking really good.

I am grateful for Julie, who is awesome like when you successfully shoot the moon.