I am grateful for farleys family fun night. We watched the new episode of Wandavision, and ate takeout from the White Spot. For some reason, that food was exactly what we were all after, and we all really enjoyed it.

I am also grateful for some warmer, clearer weather lately.


This smartphone photo doesn’t capture how nice it was, but it gives you an idea.

I am grateful for a walk around Swan Lake with Cooper and his Scout troop this evening. We all wondered how scouts was going to work during the pandemic, outdoors, in the dark of winter, in masks, six feet apart. As it turns out, it works really well. Being out on a dock on a lake after that walk, it was beautiful out there. Kids socialized, as did us grownups. The moonlight sparkled off the lake and cast moonshadows after bestowing its glow on the reeds in the marsh. Truth be told, I’d take that over a meeting at the scout hall, any day.


I am grateful for many things, but some highlights since the last I wrote a post are:

  • Burgers
  • The Craigslist Cantata put on by the Cultch in Vancouver
  • Wandavision
  • An app-based orienteering walk around UVic with Coop’s scout troop. Farley came, too.
  • A walk around cedar Hill golf course with friends
  • A conversation via zoom with old buddies
  • That everyone is, despite it all these days, okay for the most part, or at least likely going to be.


I am grateful for a day of mostly lolligaging about.

I am grateful for a phone conversation with my parents.

I am grateful for time spent painting in my studio.

I am grateful for this information that I learned today: there are 20 billion calories in one gram of uranium.


While I can’t say I am particularly grateful for a minor dental surgery I underwent today, I am grateful for the insurance that covered most of it, the money to pay for what didn’t, the ease of the decision to do it, the prevention of whatever would have happened if I didn’t, and last but not least, for the fact it’s over now, and that recovery should be pretty easy.

I am grateful for split pea soup Julie made for dinner.

I am grateful for time spent practicing with Farley for his spelling test.

I am grateful for time spent just getting along doing what we do in a day with Coop.


I am grateful for the newfound knowledge that in California, there are towns named Cooper, Farley, and Lathrop. Apparently Cooper and Farley are less than an hour away from each other. Julie discovered this.

I am grateful for time spent painting in my studio today.

I am grateful for an experiment with Farley this evening that involved making smoke rings with air cannons he made from with his tinker crate kit, which arrived courtesy of his uncle Drew today.

I am grateful for Cooper, because he is hilarious and lovely.