I am grateful Julie had the idea to go caroling. We have a few awesome neighbors. They are friendly, and some are just crazy for our kids. We went to three houses, the four of us, and with jingle bells, guitars, and a ukulele we performed Jingle bells. We were invited in. We were offered homemade treats. We were told we “changed the day entirely”. It was really, really good. We see these people all the time. Everyone is friendly with eachother around here, but it felt great, especially on Christmas, to enjoy the warm welcome of our neighbours as they listened and sang with us on their doorsteps.

I am grateful for a stupendous deal at the supermarket. We bought a 20lb Turkey for $20. We weren’t having anyone over for dinner. That’s an insane amount of food for 2 adults and 2 kids. We may have eaten most of a quarter of that bird tonight, but no more than that. There is a LOT leftover, and that was my intention. Stock is cooking on the stove right now – I intend to eat nothing but turkey for as long as possible – days, or perhaps even weeks.

I am grateful for conversations with family all over the place, and for the technology that makes it all possible. I’m old enough to remember when long distance was $.27/minute, and that was after 11pm. I don’t know what it was before 11, because I couldn’t afford it. It’s much easier to have long conversations on the phone now, and I can’t believe this, but it’s true: videoconferencing is now hum-drum. Facetime was first introduced in 2010. I think for the first 3 years of it, at least 33% of every Facetime conversation was about how amazing Facetime was. No longer, now it’s just another way to receive or initiate a phone call. We are living in the future.

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