Podcast – Song Exploder – The Commander Thinks Aloud

I’ve only recently discovered Song Exploder. It’s fantastic. The host gets some great interviews with the musicians behind pop songs, and they break one song apart track by track and talk about the story of the song one bit at a time.

I really enjoyed this one, about a great song I’d never heard before, inspired by the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster.

If you’ve got 17 minutes, it’s worth a listen: http://songexploder.net/the-long-winters

Podcast – Radiolab Football

I am not really a sports fan. I don’t really like playing them, I really don’t like watching them. I enjoy the occaisional minor league baseball game, but for me it’s really about the sitting outside hanging out with whomever I am with rather than the game itself.

So I was surprised when I found the Radiolab Podcast about the history and current state of American Football to be so compelling.

If your looking for an interesting listen, then look no further: http://www.radiolab.org/story/football/

Good podcast – Snap Judgement: Reunion

I listen to a lot of podcasts. It’s just about my favourite medium. At once intimate, convenient and mind blowing, the best podcasts change my life in real ways, like the one that inspired my gratitude blog.

Today though, I just wanted to mention one podcast I enjoyed last week. As time goes on, I’ll try to post more links when I hear the real cherries.

Snap Judgement from NPR is almost always a great listen, but I thought the reunion episode was especially good. A pastor is reunited in jail with his estranged father. A record collection is reunited with the best possible person it could be, and a woman sends a stripper to act as herself at her high school reunion. All entertaining stuff. Not mind blowing, but good. Check it!