Finally Settled

So I decided I’d set up this blog for several reasons. One of them was because I wanted to learn to use Drupal, a common open source CMS.

A CMS (content management system), for those of you not in the know, is software that allows you to manage the content of a web site without actually creating an HTML page for every part of it that you look at. Instead, a CMS will typically store the content in a database, and construct the site “on the fly”. It will also allow the author of the site to add content much more easily, by providing him or her with a nice form-based interface that he or she can enter data into without getting all technical.

So I installed and configured Drupal, looking forward to learning a new skill. One thing I learned was that my host didn’t provide the kind of access to my database I’d need to make it work. This was a bummer, as I’d gotten it up and running, and got a fair way up the Drupal management skills learning curve. The technical support guy said I should try Joomla, another open source CMS.

So I did. It was pretty good – I might even say a lot more customizable and friendly to use than Drupal.

Here’s the thing – in the past I have had some experience using a proprietary CMS called Expression Engine. I quite liked it, but really wanted to learn something open source.

Sadly, I have been spoiled – Expression Engine is really a better way to go for me. Furthermore, there is a free version for non-commercial sites (such as this one). So I have installed it, and have given up, at least for the time being on the open source option.



I really

wanted to like Drupal and Joomla, but Expression Engine it’ll have to be.

So, this is a fresh install, and as I post it I am using the default template, so lots about this site won’t work yet. Look forward to a more pleasant browsing experience in weeks to come.

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