Gratitude – Gingerbread men

I am grateful for an easy, uneventful day at home. I needed it, and it was possible because Julie took the brunt of the kids for most of the day.

I’m grateful for some awesome gingerbread that came out of our kitchen today. Aside from taste-testing, I was largely uninvolved, but Cooper and Farley were VERY involved, and are apparently very adept with a rolling pin. The first photo in the series above is what Coop did when Julie said, “Okay, pretend you are a chef who just made something really delicious!”. He didn’t have to pretend, but I think he may have exaggerated for dramatic effect anyway.

I am grateful for the return of a cello I’d nearly forgotten about lending to a friend a good long while ago. We had it kicking around, but we weren’t using it much, and she expressed interest, so we offered to lend it to her way back when. That was years ago now. Turns out she’s since learned to play the dang thing, and has moved on to buy her own cello. So now I’ve got this cello to futz with. Youtube, what do you have for me when I search for “How to play the cello” videos? In the next few days, I’m going to find out!

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