Go With the Flow


“Go with the flow” has been my mantra over the last few days, and it has served me well.

Julie’s induction started yesterday at 3pm, but by 11am today, it was not working the way it should, and the treatment was stopped. I chose my shirt carefully this morning, and even sped to the hospital at breakneck speed because Julie was having some pretty big contractions when she called me first thing this morning, but no baby as yet.

Given what we’ve learned, Julie isn’t really a candidate for induction. There are other circumstances at work that negate her as a candidate for waiting longer for things to start on their own, and so tomorrow, we’re up for a scheduled cesarian section. That wasn’t really the way we saw our birth plan going, but our plan always put healthy baby and mom first, so we aren’t really deviating either. We’ve talked with many doctors, nurses, obstetricians and doulas, and we feel our consent is very well informed.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster this last week or two, not knowing when, if and how this story would unfold. That said, I can’t say I’ve really found it all that trying. (Mind you, I’m not the one that’s pregnant.) Every step of the way, I’ve understood what has been happening, and why. For the past two days, I’ve been expecting the birth to happen, but I don’t feel dissapointed not to have him yet. Every night I’ve been going to bed feeling wonderstruck, hopeful and eager to greet the coming day. It actually feels great. It’s not every day a guy goes to bed expecting to meet his first born the next day. Many never do. This is my third night like that. I count myself lucky.

And so, it is now fatherhood eve. I took the opportunity to shave (thanks, Candace, John, and Deb). I will pick another great shirt tomorrow, but for the record, the above guitar shirt was also a winner (thanks for the birthday present, btw, Mary!).

As I write this, there are only hours to go and I expect to be holding this kiddo in my arms tomorrow. I just can’t wait to meet him!

4 thoughts on “Go With the Flow

  1. I’ve been thinking about you guys NON STOP for the last few days!  I just really miss you and love you and can’t wait to hear all about your little man!!!!

  2. WOW
    Yes in New Mex and I guess out the loop!WOnderful Wonderful WOnderful !
    I have been sending wishes for days now and have been so hoping to hear the brilliant news.
    So pleased Julie and Cooper are doing well. And that you are all safely home!!!
    Cooper is an ace name and what a looker! CUTE!
    All my big sweet love to you all.
    Please cuddle J and C for me.
    SO thrilled.
    Congrats to mum for doing it and to you all for beginning FAMILY together.
    Hoping feeding and sleeping are going well.
    BIG love Debs Aiden and Iggy-pop

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