Good Times

We made a plan for ourselves several weeks ago when we were trying to decide if we had time to go away for a weekend. After looking at each room and estimating the hours required to sort and pack everything in it, we put it all on a calendar and figured out when we’d do the packing. We’ve taken a slow approach, sorting through everything and ridding ourselves of much of our stuff. Sometimes I feel as if we are preparing for an expedition, carefully assessing each object I consider taking with me for it’s benefit to volume ratio.

We thought we estimated liberally, but we’ve been taking longer than expected. When our friend Celeste said she wanted to plan a shindig for our imminent departure we were flattered and releived. Julie and I both loved the idea of having a party, but hated the idea of planning one.

We met at Trout Lake Park and had a potluck barbeque. We had intended for there to be badmitton, bocce and frisbee, but really, everyone mostly just did the party eating talking standing around thing. It was nice and relaxed. I kept thinking, “Why haven’t I done this before?”. Later on we went to Grandview lanes and enjoyed the “Glow Bowling” available upstairs. It was way fun.


I worry about parties. I am not much of a party guy. I worry about what non-party people like myself will experience at a party I host. I am afraid that no-one will know or will want to know eachother. Here’s the thing though – the people I choose to have in my life seem to be the types that are worth knowing, and the types that are interested in being present in the moment with others. It seemed to me like the company that was present was enjoyed. I know I was feeling the love. I was having a hard time reconciling the fact that I’ve chosen to leave Vancouver. These are my people!

It is hard for me to imagine creating a community in Victoria like the one I have here. It is hard to imagine not being in Vancouver for regular extended periods of time. In my mind, our move to Victoria is about 2 weeks long. I know it’s permanent, but it is really hard to imagine past 2 weeks.

One great thing about moving to Victoria is that it is close to Vancouver. My friends in Vancouver are too important for an hour and a half on the ferry to get in the way. I’ll miss having my good people as accessible, but I sure am glad to have everyone in my life.

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