Gratefulness Day 10

I am grateful for Remember The Milk, which is a to-do list web app that works really well for me. Really, I am grateful for to-do lists in general. Every now and again it seems like too much. Write it all down in a list, and suddenly it’s not too much, in fact it’s just the next thing on the list. I reckon I’d cease to function without to-do lists; in a fatal and catastrophic attempt to multitask everything at once.

I am grateful for the professional community I’ve become a part of. I was grateful for it in Vancouver before I left too, and I still am a part of that to a very limited degree. I’ve been working here in Victoria since 2006, and it took a while, but I’ve got a nice crew of contacts here. Many of the same people I work with professionally are people I like to hang out with socially on occaision. It’s great when those worlds can collide.

I am grateful for the fancy pants dinner I had out with my family tonight. We went to Pagliacci’s, which is where you should go too if you are ever in Victoria. Our kids melted down, there was screaming and crying and carrying on, but even still, it was an enjoyable evening (though I am not sure all the other guests at the restaurant would agree).


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