Gratefulness day 21


I am grateful for bounty from the ocean. I swear; I find crab so delicious I wonder if it could be a narcotic. And to get more than I need, all I have to do is throw some traps over the side of a pier and hang out in Sidney for a few hours. Sidney is a quaint little town about a 25 minute drive from my house.

And that few hours today is another thing I am grateful for. My boyhood pal Clint came to visit, and he was with us for the crabbing expedition. It’s been too long once I’ve spent time with that guy. Added bonus: Clint is an uncle of 6 nieces and nephews whom he sees regularly, and he is a natural with kids. Clint was an instant superstar favourite grownup to my little guys.

I am grateful for my minivan. I am unapologetic for that. Minivans are cussing awesome. Full crabbing gear, snacks, kid backpacks, cooler, and an extra person to transport? No problem at all. Are minivans sexy? Maybe only to me, but no one can deny the practicality and utility you can get out of them. Even crappy but beloved old beater ones like mine.

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