Gratefulness Day 4

I am grateful for those moments my boys can really enjoy each other’s company and hang out. For the most part, that’s how they are. Sometimes they are scrappy, but I usually find if I leave them to work it out, they do, and then they seem a bit closer. It’s great for so many reasons, not the least of which is it means sometimes the parents can get a break.

I’m grateful for the way beer tastes when I’ve worked hard and I know I deserve it. I swear that’s a particular flavour that doesn’t come with the exact same beer when I haven’t been working hard. I also find it occurs with any beer. It goes for crappy lite beer, as much as fancy microbrews. Go figure. I’ll take it. It’s good.

I am grateful nobody pooped their pants at Costco yesterday. Farley is transitioning out of diapers. I was on my own on a big Costco trip last night with both boys. Poopy pants would not be fun for anyone, but it didn’t happen. For that, I have gratitude.


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