Gratefulness Day 6

imageI am grateful for the times I am living in. There’s lots to worry about, sure, but the internet, the as yet mostly unchanged climate, the state of peace we’re enjoying in North America, and indoor plumbing all make me think humans just haven’t ever had it as good as we’ve got it right now.

I am grateful for the CBC. Listening to it is like coming home. And sometimes, when I am on my own with the kids, it’s a lifesaver for a brain that craves just a little adult conversation.

i am grateful for Cooper’s lego robot, BeepBoop. After this photo was taken, BeebBoop gained some family members, and I am sure BeepBoop was grateful for that, too.

1 thought on “Gratefulness Day 6

  1. I am grateful to have just read so much from you about gratitude. I really enjoyed your lateral thinking and your spontaneous discoveries. Of course I loved hearing about the parenting moments and the spousal comments but overall, you’ve made me think about how often we take these things for granted.

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