I am grateful for a day at my desk, and for the electricians who came and graced it with the means to much faster and more reliable internet.

I am grateful for a fun evening with my boys. We went swimming. Coop the 6 year old went out on the diving board, then came back and climbed down the ladder. Then he went out and came back again. Then Farley, the 3 year old went straight out and hopped off the end without hesitation. Then they both hopped off, again and again and again, for about an hour. I am proud and honoured and delighted to witness that kind of thing.

I am grateful to my friend Jason, who bequeathed us with a bunch of toy cars he used to play with as a kid. My boys were very enthused, and as I type this, Farley is asleep in his bed snuggled up to his four favourites.

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