i am grateful for a small project that went smoothly, and was accomplished in a day as expected.

I am grateful for a bit more ease every day with the home office lifestyle. Many aspects of life have gotten easier and more efficient. The house is tidier, dinner is on the table when everyone gets home, and yet I think I am still managing more productive hours in the day. It’s also a relief that I am so far not crawling up the walls, like the last time I tried working from home. Things were different then; I didn’t have children. That’s something that’s changed everything I thought I knew about myself; I guess this is just another one of those things.

I am grateful for a great evening chowing down on BBQ fare in our backyard while our kids went bananas on the trampoline. One of folks we had over is the chocolatier behind La Sirene. Here’s some advice for you: if you are ever having a chocolatier over for dinner and they ask what they can bring, what you should reply is “chocolate!”. 

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