I am grateful for the toy bus that Farley bought at the mini golf place today. At the time I thought it was a rip off at $10, but holy cuss, that kid loves the cuss out of that thing. I am also grateful he managed a nap; for about an hour, snuggled up with said bus while curled into a fetal position on the bench at our booth at Boston Pizza. I thought that bus was a rip off, but now I see I was wrong. Farley got his ten bucks worth today, and who knows how many happy days that kid will spend with the bus that has “Parksville, B.C.” printed on it.

I am also grateful for motels with free breakfasts and swimming pools.

And I am grateful for Rathtrevor Beach, particularly when the tide is coming in, so fast that it catches up to you if you stop walking for even a moment.

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