I am grateful for this blog. Today marks the one year anniversary of my first gratitude themed post. It’s been a better year for it.

A few things this year has taught me:

Good things happen every day. Even on bad days.

When you start looking for good things to be grateful for, you don’t miss those things as easily when they happen.

My life cannot be summed up in posts about gratitude. There’s lots that happens in my life that I am not grateful for; the readers of this blog don’t hear about that. So it goes.

Recording the things I am grateful for doesn’t invalidate the things I am not grateful for, but it does make them seem smaller, and removed from me as they shrink in the rear view mirror.

It’s nice to have this ritual. I usually write these posts before bed. I’d miss it if I stopped.

I can commit to doing a small thing every day, and then I can actually do that thing, every day. 

My kids are hilarious. I already knew that, but now there’s evidence.

I am a lucky person, and I am humbled by that luck. 

Gratitude goes hand in hand with humility. Together, they allow for a perspective on life that feels more genuine.

There’s a bunch of people out there willing to read this stuff. Some do every day, others just once in a while. It’s not the same as an in-person conversation, but it is nice to feel that connection.

The more often I can find myself in the situation where I can ask, “if this isn’t nice, what is?”, the better.

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