I am grateful as all heck to be doing as well as I am, given that I was a cyclist who got hit by a car on Tuesday afternoon. I’ve broken a bone in my wrist, and was banged up hither and thither all over various parts of my body, but I am walking, and talking, and I am on the right side of the dirt. It wasn’t good, but it sure could have been much, much worse.

I am grateful for Julie. She has been picking up a heck of a lot of the slack I’ve left all over the place this last few days.

I am grateful for a normal hum drum dinner at home this evening with the 4 of us around the table.

1 thought on “Gratitude

  1. Oh no! So you are in a cast for your wrist? Is it your painting hand?
    I’ll call your mom to see if she knows more. What a scary, horrible experience that was.

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