I am grateful for Farley’s daycare. The woman in charge was going to go on maternity leave today. She’s due in less than a month for the birth of her 3rd kid. But after extensive interviews and an accepted job offer, the person filling in emailed last night to say she wasn’t going to come in at all. That’s right, she EMAILED the pregnant owner of Farley’s daycare to bail THE NIGHT BEFORE she was supposed to start. So why am I grateful? Because the woman who owns the daycare is awesome, and has her cuss together, and has backup people. I am particularly grateful for her right now because I see how stressful it must be, and I so appreciate how hard she works to make sure Farley and his friends have a warm, safe, friendly, secure environment to play in all day that aligns with my philosophies on raising kids.

I am grateful for wherever my get up and go came from today. I got around to doing a bunch of stuff I’ve been putting off for a long time. Feels good to get cuss done.

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