I am grateful for a healthy amount of contact with other humans in my life. In particular, today, the ones that aren’t my close family or near and dears; I’m thinking of the people I see around when I paint at the studio, or parents of my kids friends that I only know in passing, or people that I always see in the same place at the same time at local businesses I frequent. In this day and age of online everything, I find navigating my life through this crowd of actual living people, exchanging pleasantries and common courtesies, and  just being a human being in the company of other human beings keeps me grounded, and where I need to be, here in my community.

I am grateful for a conclusion to Cooper’s birthday party sleepover extravaganza. That gang had a ball this morning. They consumed crepes as fast as I could make them. To my surprise and delight, all they wanted to do was go outside and run around in a park after breakfast, albeit with a laser tag set. Fun was had by all, and then they went home.

And I am grateful that after all that I was able to relax for a while and paint at the studio.

And after that I am grateful that Julie and I were in agreement about not cooking, and we had a great dinner out with Farl while Cooper attended ANOTHER birthday party.

And now we’re all at home, dog-tired and settling down, and I am grateful for my cozy little house.  

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