I am grateful for Boxing Day. All the hype around Christmas is fun, but it’s nice to exhale and relax the day after.

I am grateful for a walk on the beach at the Esquimalt Lagoon, where we met up with family friends. Coop had the metal detector he received as a birthday gift this year. Farley found a fishing weight with it, and Coop found a spent brass cartridge casing from what appeared to be a fairly large and old bullet. We were right near Fort Rodd Hill, perhaps it was from when the area was a military base. Fantastic treasures!

…Which makes for a good segue to the rock tumbler I received as a gift from Julie. I also found some rocks at the beach that I am now polishing. I am grateful for all that too. More treasures!

I am grateful for time spent with Julie watching Downsizing, the 2017 film. It was quirky and good. Not great, but I liked it for its oddballness.

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