I am grateful for ventolin.

I am grateful for time in the studio this morning.

I am grateful for time spend with my boys at a laundromat and other mundane points of interest this evening (cafe, gas station, department store) getting stuff done and hanging out.

I am grateful for the moment the topic of Farley playing baseball this spring came up.

“I love baseball” said Coop.

“Do you want to play too?” I asked.

“NO. DEFINITELY NOT. But, I want to go to all of Farley’s games, and make him a big sign, and shout ‘GO FARLEY GO’ and, er, hey Farl, would that embarrass you? I wouldn’t mean to embarrass you…”

Farley, who I can see in the rear view mirror listening to all this, is now beaming and grinning ear to ear. He says, “No, I would just smile, and be encouraged.”

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