I am grateful for the time, tools, and space I had access to to finish a picture frame building project today. I have 6 odd sized canvases that are too shallow to go without, and I didn’t want to have to buy a bunch of custom frames. I wasn’t sure they’d work out until I had the paintings in them, but now that they are I am pleased with the result. Good thing too, because 5 of them will be in a show that installs tomorrow!

I am grateful for lunch with Julie at Jam Cafe, and a nice conversation with a stranger at the next table. Turns out strangers aren’t so bad.

I am grateful for Coop, who went to martial arts class tonight though his brother wasn’t feeling up to it, and waited patiently while I finished installing paintings into their frames in the studio afterward.

I am grateful I happened to book a maintenance appointment with the mechanic for our car a few weeks back, because just tonight it started to make a terrible noise. I am not at all grateful for the noise, nor the stressful implications of it, nor any of the stupid cuss one must put up with to own and operate a stupid cussing car, but this is not my cussing and whining about car ownership blog, it’s my gratitude blog. If it were though, I’d be cussing up a cussing cuss-storm of cuss, because I HATE that kind of car cuss. Grateful I have the mechanic booked though.

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