I am grateful for novels. I haven’t read much in recent years, but this last few days have seen me off my feet with a narsty cough, and so I’ve found time to read. It’s been good, that.

I am grateful for neighbours that took Farl to see an IMAX movie today with their kids. I heard a report that Farley played nicely with his similarly aged buddy’s little brother too, who usually gets ignored in these situations. Apparently the little brother made sure Farley figured into his goodnight song this evening. If that’s not nice, what is?

I am grateful for my parents, who ferried my kids all over the place to various social engagements, so I could take it easy. They did this today of all days too, it’s been snowing and roads have been closing. They are from the prairies though. They’d hoped to escape this kind of thing out here, but I’d bet they are more capable than the locals on these roads.

I am grateful for Coop’s snow man, which he’s named “Snow Bro”. He’s pretty traditional in his 3 ball configuration and carrot nose, but he’s got sunglasses on, and that lends an air of attitude that makes all the difference.

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