I am grateful for time at the studio this morning.

I am grateful for family fun night, Julie’s pick. There we 2 parts:

We drew flowers and wrote messages to place at a shrine (my word for it, anyway) of flowers, cards, letters and other items left with sentiments of peace and hope at our local mosque. Like so many others, each of us have been moved in our house by the stories on recent news of events in New Zealand. I am grateful for the shrine. It warmed my heart to see this outpouring of love and empathy on my community. I’m pleased my kids were so enthusiastic about contributing something to it, too.

I am grateful for part 2, as well. We went to see the first 2 hours of a 26 hour improv theatre marathon, put on by Paper Street Theatre. It was hilarious, and we all loved it. We may head back tomorrow, for more!

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