I am grateful for time spent with Julie this morning, mostly driving around getting some errands done.

I am grateful for lunch with my old pal Greg.

I am grateful for time spent quietly sitting at the Gage gallery, and for Hazel Harris’s show there. She has a delightful and whimsical way of painting the characters in her life.

I am grateful for family fun night: my pick. We ate BLT’s, then played a board game in the back yard, where Farley could swing and bounce on the tramp when it wasn’t his turn. After egg nog ice cream sandwiches with cookies Cooper made for dessert, we retired inside to screen a few videos of when the boys were little before putting them to bed.

I am grateful for time spent with Julie in the hillbilly hot tub tonight.

I am grateful for an enjoyable end to an otherwise somewhat stressful week.

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