I am grateful for my Dad and all the other fathers in my life, on this Father’s day.

I was talking with him on the phone this morning, we were considering the benefits of fatherhood. I mentioned that compassion for one’s own parents were one of them for me. Getting a different perspective on the parent-child relationship helps me understand what it was like for him and my mom when I was a kid.

There is another benefit too, he mentioned, when you get to be a grandfather (or grandmother). It’s getting to see your son have to deal with his kids the same way you had to when he was little. Through many years, particularly the teenage ones, I gave my parents the gears on a routine basis. Now my dad enjoys watching ME get some of those same gears.

I’ve decided to call the emotion he is describing Dadenfreude.

Fact is, I was dealt a fine hand on the Dad front. I am grateful as all heck for that guy, and he deserves every shred of gratitude AND Dadenfreude he can get his hands on.

I am grateful for breakfast hash Julie and the boys made for me this morning.

I am grateful for Farley’s last baseball game of the season.

I am grateful for a few quiet hours alone this afternoon. Julie took the boys out, and I managed to complete a fussy computer project that involved taking a Mac Mini all apart and sticking it all back together again. Victory!

I am grateful for aloo gobi Julie made for dinner tonight. It was delicious.

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