I am grateful for time spent with Julie this evening while the boys were at Auntie J’s house. We had each planned to do our own thing, but the rec centre we thought was open was not, and the studio was inaccessible, and so we both had to settle, disappointed, for something else. Something else turned out to be a quick bite at the Fig, and then the realization that the showtime lined up for us to go see Rocketman, and it was great.

I am grateful for art, because Rocketman was just that terrific for me – the kind of movie you go to all the crappy movies to see. Once in a while, you get an experience like that one, and you feel your psyche get filled up, and it makes it all worthwhile. Same thing happens with music, literature, visual arts. Art is something to be grateful for. Not all of it, but the stuff that works for one really, really is.

I am grateful for Auntie J. She showed our kids a great time. She makes them feel special and loved.

I am grateful for time spent with both my boys at bedtime. With Farley, reading a book about hurricanes he got from the library today; and with Coop, who reassured me he knows how much I love him and how great I think he is, after I emphatically declared this to him, possibly overcompensating after having seen the cautionary tale of neglectful fatherhood in the movie tonight.

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