I am grateful for the sense of accomplishment and mastery that comes with new skills, and the pride of a dad watching his kid do the same at the St. John’s Ambulance Standard First Aid course Cooper and I just completed today. That kid rocked it. If you are going to suffer an injury such as a punctured lung, compound fracture, amputated limb, or several other, more severe, even grosser injuries, I recommend doing it while Cooper is around. He’ll know what to do. And afterwards, we’ll be more than happy to get that fella into some therapy.

I am grateful for the coincidence that Rib Fest was happening just down the road from the course, which meant lunch was easy and carnivorous.

I am grateful for dosas at the dosa place with Coop, Julie and Farl, as well as Auntie J this evening.

I am grateful for enough time this evening to watch an episode of Black Mirror.

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