I am grateful for the excitement of my kids. Farley was about as happy as I’ve ever seen him when I came to pick him up at Daycare to head to the airport.

I am grateful for the small airport we have in Victoria. The uptightness level required for air travel there is very low compared to bigger cities.

I am grateful for great kid behaviour on the airplane. I was afraid when Coop exclaimed, “No TVs? What good is an airplane without TVs!”. I can think of one very particular and useful thing such an airplane could do, but I digress. Despite the lack of TVs, everyone’s behaviour was just fine.

I am grateful for a very warm and hospitable welcome to the home I was raised in from my folks. I try not to take that kind of thing for granted, but sometimes I do. That’s not a luxury all parents provide, but I am lucky that way.

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