I am grateful for some cancelled plans that led to a fairly low key day in Calgary for my family.

I am grateful for a kid centred, teamless baseball game my dad engineered for us this morning. there were several outs, several runs and several strikes, but only one team, that neither lost nor won.

I am grateful My iPhone just auto-corrected the proper Canadian spelling of centred.

I am grateful for a successful trip home.

I am grateful for the super moon lunar eclipse. That was a cool sight to behold, from the beach, on the way home from the airport.

I am grateful to be sitting in my own living room, having just watched an hour of TV and consumed one of those large bottles of a locally brewed IPA, rendering me into a nice combination of buzzed and sleepy, and perhaps apparently, a bit oversharey.

I will soon be grateful to be sleeping in my own bed. Good night!

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